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CRMCR (FDG-A1/D80B) Electronic safe White

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Code 2830249

Smart safe with large display

A safe in the 21st century is not just a solid steel cube. No!

It is a smart gadget with a large display that can be controlled from a smartphone.

Yes, this is exactly what the CRMCR model (FDG-A1 / D80B) is.

This safe is reliable because it is made of Q345 steel.

In addition, it is also smart, as it supports control using a smartphone, including remote locking and automatic "alarm" message, if the safe is tried to "open".

And most importantly, it is modern and convenient, as it has a built-in large 2.8-inch display.

Add here support for face recognition using an IR sensor - we get a 100% modern safe of the 21st century.

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Full Description

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Type: Electronic safe
Brand: CRMCR
Model: FDG-A1 / D-80B
Protection: Face recognition lock + electronic combination lock + mechanical emergency lock
Number of bolts: 6
Storage box: 1
Storage compartment: 1
Display: 2.8 inch LCD
Battery capacity: DC 6V (8 batteries AA)
Emergency opening: Mechanical emergency key or external power supply
Storing passwords: 20 persons / 20 electronic passwords
Size: 800 х 500 х 460 mm
Weight: 135 kg
Note: The size of this unit is measured by hand, slight errors may occur

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