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Yeelight Mosquito Lamp white

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Code 2830680

Modern stylish fumigator

The MIOT ecosystem tries to cover all spheres of human life with its gadgets and devices.

It is thanks to this desire that the Yeelight Mosquito Lamp appeared - a stylish and efficient electric fumigator.

The popularity of electric fumigators is that they kill insects without using chemical repellents, which is especially important for people with allergies.

The Yeelight Mosquito Lamp, with the help of special lighting, lures insects to itself, and then kills them with a charge of static electricity, which is formed on the "grid" of the device (the charge is not strong enough to pose a serious danger to humans).

That's all - no chemistry, just physics.

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Full Description

No Description yet.

Type: Mosquito lamp
Brand: Yeelight
Built-in battery: Yes
Operating time on one charge: Up to 4 hours
Kills mosquitoes with: Electric field
Auto turn on at night and turn off during the day: Yes
Size: 330х175.5 mm

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