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Xiaomi MiJia Pressure IH Rice Cooker — New Smart Device by Xiaomi Has Been Oficially Launched

This useful kitchen gadget has got a nice design, the rice cooker has the form of a white cube with rounded edges, also it is compact and does not take up much space. Inside the device there is a special container, which undergoes 69 processing stages. The pot inside the rice cooker is safe for the health of users.

This kitchenware has 2450 cooking modes, and its smart features are as follows: the smartphone connects to the rice cooker via the application, the user then scans the code on the packaging of rice and the device automatically selects the cooking mode on the basis of the data obtained. Also, using the application, you can adjust the “softness” of rice.

Xiaomi Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker is the first device released under the name MiJia — the new official name of Xiaomi ecosystem.