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Xiaomi Zmi Portable Flashlight + Power Bank 3350 mAh Black (LPB03)

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Code 2831497

ZMi LPB03 is a stylish portable flashlight with power bank function.

The ZMi LPB03 hand-held flashlight uses modern Nichia LED lamps with a brightness of up to 500 lumens and a luminous range of up to 110 m. The lamp life reaches about 10,000 hours.

Each full charge of the flashlight battery provides up to 2,700 minutes of subsequent use.

The flashlight supports 5 lighting modes, including SOS mode, which can be used in an emergency.

The flashlight is equipped with a 3350mAh battery with USB-A output interface, which supports charging smartphones, smart bracelets and other devices.

The ZMi LPB03 portable flashlight with power adapter is equipped with the advanced IPX6 waterproof standard so you can use it even in the rain.

The ZMi LPB03 has a practical non-slip housing with dimensions of 137.3 x 28 x 28 mm and a weight of 206 g.

Therefore, users can easily carry it in a backpack, bag and even in a jacket pocket.

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Full Description

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Type: Flashlight
Model: LPB03
Battery type: Li-ion
Battery capacity (nominal / typical): 11.79 Wh / 12.16 Wh, 3.63 V, 3250 mAh / 3350 mAh
Rated capacity: 1800mAh (5V / 1A)
Input interface: USB-C
Output interface: USB-A
Input parameters: 5В ⎓ 1А
Output parameters: 5В ⎓ 1А
Working temperature: 5 °С ~ 35 °С
Note: Charging time is about 3.5 hours (charger 5V / 1A, charging cable inside the package)
Size: 137.3 x 28 x 28 mm

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