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Xiaomi MOVE IT Smart Hula Hoop

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Code 2830466

MOVE IT Smart Hula Hoop is a smart aerobics hoop!

MOVE IT is the same MIOT ecosystem partner that specializes in smart sports equipment.

The well-known sports hoop Hula Hoop became another creation of the brand's engineers.

This model received a classic design, modern materials and a smart component - a set of sensors that track the intensity of training with a hoop.

The sensors work from a built-in 180 mAh battery, and the hoop itself is made of foamed polyethylene.

The MOVE IT Smart Hula Hoop has a diameter of 980 mm and a thickness of 35 mm.

It goes without saying that this sports smart gadget can sync with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

This is what real innovation means!

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Full Description

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Brand: MOVE IT
Type: Sports hoop
Diametr: 980 mm
Thickness: 35 mm
Built-in battery capacity: 180 mAh
Synchronization capability: Bluetooth
Material: Foamed polyethylene

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