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Xiaomi KACO Art Color Colored Pencils (36 pcs)

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Code 2831660

Drawing will become much easier and more interesting with KACO Art pencils. Especially when you consider that there are 36 of them in the kit.

Each pencil is very comfortable to hold in the hand and is equipped with a professional 4mm A10 lead oily refill secured with SV glue technology.

You will definitely be impressed by the fact that as you paint, the colors blend onto the canvas more naturally, giving you a wider margin of creativity.

The ability to convey the mood of the picture, through bright or more restrained color shades, will not leave indifferent to this set of pencils, both beginners and professional artists.

A nice bonus to this rich set for the artist is the pencil sharpener, which is made using styrene-acrylonitrile butadiene plastic and stainless steel.

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Full Description

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Type: Colored Pencils Set
Materials: Linden, oily lead rod
Bar thickness: 4 mm
Quantity: 36 pcs (per set)
Pencil size: 175 x 9 mm
Type: Pencil Sharpener
Materials: Stainless steel, acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene plastic
Size: 32 x 43 x 19 mm

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