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Warranty & Return Policy

Warranty Policy

If a product doesn’t work, buyers can contact with our warranty service team. Before customers send items back to us for repair, please contact with warranty service team first. We will provide you the details.

Following are the contact details:

Email: [email protected]

Skype: nis-store.com

If you want to send back for repairing, please do as below:

1. Please contact us by Email: [email protected], we will provide the warranty return address to you.

2. Send out your package through local post office, do not return by DHL,UPS...as it will cost high customs and it may be in trouble with customs clearance. (Please don’t return the phones back by DHL/UPS /FEDEX/TNT.. Express service. Because the China customs Strict with the package which shipped by Express, we can’t receive the package. Please send back by local Postal service or according to Nis-store service team request. )

3. Marked your order No. on shipping document, as we have many different departments and have many packages every day, Please remember to write your order number, so I can know which package is from you.

4. Write down your return information and put it in the package. Including: Full name, detail address, post code, phone No..

5. Take some photos of delivery when you send it back to us. Please inform us and provide the tracking number if you have sent back to us.

Return Policy

Please inspect the package in front of the courier

We have a QC team who tests your ordered products to make sure they are functioning correctly before they are packed and sent to you. In addition to the normal quality assurance checks, all the goods have passed in the factory line.

Nis-store.com’s Standard Return Policies are only applicable to the products purchased by you directly from Nis-store.com. All returns require a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. The policy of Compensation First is available for all the problems. Nis-store provides 15 days WARRANTY for replacement and 12 months free warranty.

15 Days Replacement Instructions:

1. Nis-store only provides the replacement for the same models (except accessories), replacement time starts from the day of receipt.

2. The malfunction should be declared veritably. If it is a hidden fault, customers should leave the phone at our after-sales center for testing. If the fault is found, a replacement will be given (no wear and tear).

3. No replacement for this kind of problem: If it is just a software failure, a common issue for the new models can be repaired through the new system updated.

4. No replacement and warranty for the phone LCD screen which appears 1-3 dead points or light spots. A replacement will be given if the phone appears above 3 dead points or light spots (only for non-human caused phones).

5. The phone with wear and scratches should be replaced at a discount. No replacement for the heavy wear, scratches phones.

6. No replacement for this kind of phone: missing warranty card (If there is a warranty card) , damaged tag or falling tag caused by man.( Except no warranty card for the original phone )

7. If there are quality problems (non-human factors) for headset, charger, data cable, battery, memory card which packed with the phone together, can be replaced within one month. Free gifts can’t enjoy the replacement and warranty service if there are no special introductions.

One Year Warranty:

1. If the quality of phones caused by the software or hardware failure, can enjoy free warranty service. One year hardware warranty, free software upgrades for all life.

2. Nis-store doesn’t provide warranty service for man-made damaged, broken, waterlogged, moist, self-reset or self-disassembled mobile phones. No warranty or replacement for the external parts, such as phone cases, damaged or paint chips keys and other consumable parts.

3. The fee will be charged in these kinds of situations: Phone label is damaged, sales receipt does not match the phone, self-upgrades or flashing the phone information result in an unbootable system or the change of language.

4. After the warranty period, Nis-store provides maintenance; only charge the cost of the relevant the phone parts.

5. Customers should backup data on the mobile phones and memory cards before sending the phone to our after-sales center. After-sales center is not responsible for any information loss during the processing of maintenance.

6. After-sales center will don’t offer the service if there are risks to clear the foreign bodies, dust, spots or light-spots in the screen of used phones.

Defective Item(s)

* Within 7 days after you received the item(s)

100% of the product’s price can be refunded in condition that the Customer Service confirms that secondary sales of the product will not be affected (with a full-set of accessories and perfect appearance). But the customer has to pay the freight.

* After 14 days since you received the item(s)

1-15 days: Resend a product or refund to customer after receiving the returned product. The customer pays the freight from the customer to the company.

(The customer sends the defective product back to China by registered air mail, for which $15 at most or a coupon will be reimbursed. The customer shall pay the customs clearance fees incurred if the customer sends back the product by Express Delivery and has to charge for customs clearance fees.)

(Customer shall be suggested to open the parcel and examine the product immediately after receiving it. If the product is damaged, customer should refuse to sign for the product and demand a documentary evidence of logistics damage. Then response to the Customer Service without delay for sales return or exchange.)

16-180 days: The customer shall send the defective product to China for maintenance and the company will deliver it back after maintenance. The customer pays the freight from the customer to the company.

181-365 days: The customer returns the defective product to China and the company sends it back to the customer after maintenance. The customer pays the freight from the customer to the company.

We usually re-send the product by parcel. If preferring express delivery, the customer shall pay the customs fee.

Unsatisfied Items(s)

We don’t accept without quality problems, refuse to refund.

Missing Item (Items missed completely or partially from an order)

Nis-store will ship the missing item to customer once we check it.

If the item is just out of stock, full refund of the item’s price will be issued.

Customer should contact Nis-store Customer service within 15 days since shipment date when meet the problem.

Sweet reminder: remember to keep the package if “missing item” issue happens, because Nis-store may need it to solve your problem. Any confirmation that cannot be fulfilled successfully due to customers’ responsibility, Nis-store will refuse to solve this kind of problem.

DOA (Dead on Arrival or Damaged on Arrival) Products

You may return the item damaged on arrival (physical damage or scratch) or item dead on arrival within 7 days after delivery or 15 days after shipment if the delivery date is not traceable.

DOA products should meet the following standard:

* The accessories, including the retail box, manuals, cables, and all other items originally included in the package are intact.

* The problem of product is not caused by incorrect usage.