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Xiaomi Mi 2 Ports USB Charger White

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Code 2827769
Full Description

Two ports for your needs

When you are on a trip it is really irritating when you have to take lots of chargers to be able to charge your smartphone (or two smartphones), your tablet, camera or other types of USB-equipped devices.

But this small Xiaomi Mi 2 Ports USB Charger has two USB ports to save space in your luggage, or on your workplace. With this small charger, you can charge your two devices at the same time.

Minimalistic design

Small size and retractable pins to provide maximum portability. But it is not just a matter of size, but also one of protection from damage.

8 levels of protection:

QC 3.0 technology support

This charger supports Quick Charge 3.0 technology, which is the most efficient charging technology to date. This version of charge technology was developed to charge the devices up to four times faster than by means of traditional charging (38% more efficient to compare with Quick Charge 2.0).

For example, it can charge your Xiaomi Mi 5 in 1 hour 27 minutes, and iPhone 7 in about 2 hours 3 minutes. Blazing fast speed.

Compatible with variety of devices

This model of the charger can be used by a different variety of popular modern smartphones, by Android and iOS devices.

High charge efficiency with output voltage 5V/3A, 9V/2A, or 12V/1.5A for using this device worldwide

Manufacturer Xiaomi
Model Mi 2 Ports USB Charger
Dimensions 8×5 x 3 cm
Weight 40 g
Compatible with all the mainstream mobile phone
Features 2 USB port QC 3.0 technology
Overvoltage Protection
Over-temperature protection
Input voltage 100-240~ 50/60Hz 0.5A
Output voltage 5V/3A, 9V/2A, or 12V/1.5A
Color White
Package 1 x Xiaomi Mi 2 Ports USB Charger
User manual PDF  

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