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VLLICON Naruto Shippuuden (Akatsuki Edition)

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Code 2830152

Perhaps this could be the backpack of Itachi Uchiha

Hello to all fans of the Naruto manga universe!

The MIOT Ecosystem has designed a cool accessory styled after the mighty Akatsuki!

This is the VLLICON Naruto Shippuuden Backpack (Akatsuki Edition).

It is black with red Akatsuki clouds on the front and a crossed out Konoha mark on the back.

Manga fans will immediately know that this backpack is clearly dedicated to Itachi Uchiha!

In addition to being stylish, the backpack is also made of practical materials.

Overall dimensions of the accessory 31x15x43 cm.

As the saying goes, with this backpack everyone can feel like a bit Itachi!

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Full Description

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Model: Naruto Shippuuden Backpack (Akatsuki Edition)
Material: Artificial materials
Size: 31x15x43 cm

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