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Xiaomi UBOT-006 Children Backpack Yellow-Blue

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Code 2831643

It is difficult to find a more original children's backpack than the UBOT-006. After all, this knapsack has a lot of features, thanks to which it deserves your attention.

Of course, this backpack has an innovative design that allows the young student to place study materials at a 45-degree angle.

And this angle was chosen for a reason. In addition to the convenience of placing books, notebooks, office supplies, it dissipates the weight of these objects, relieving pressure on the student's back, neck and shoulders.

In addition, a number of ergonomic design studies have allowed the UBOT-006 to be designed so that it moves in the opposite direction during wear, thereby providing a kind of weight compensation that makes the backpack feel “lighter”.

It should also be noted that the UBOT-006 schoolbag uses highly elastic memory foam, which relieves pressure on the back and does not interfere with natural air circulation.

To prevent the growth and spread of harmful microorganisms on the surface of UBOT-006, this backpack uses a special fabric with 99% antibacterial activity.

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Full Description

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Type: School Backpack
Model: UBOT-006
Materials: Polyester, Antibacterial Fabric
Additionally: Has reflective stripes
Size: 330 x 263 x 400 mm

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