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Oclean P1S1 Clean Brush Head Blue

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Your best assistant in oral hygiene

A special design of the brush head and densely placed bristles in the form of a wave, contribute to a more effective penetration into the spaces between the teeth and allow the removal of not only food remains but also a plaque, without scratching tooth enamel.

Innovative DuPont Tynex bristles

The toothbrush head has a soft rounded design. It is very carefully worked and polished. Innovative bristles DuPont Tynex 2017 are obtained by extruding a mixture of nylon and abrasive grain. They adapt to the shape of the teeth during cleaning, easily penetrating into the interdental spaces and successfully removes bacterial plaque.

The coefficient of roundness of the bristles corresponds to international standards, and you will get the first-class comfort when using rounded bristles.

Nozzles for the electric toothbrush Oclean One / SE pass mandatory certification in the Office of Sanitary Supervision for Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Ultraviolet sterilization treatment of the brush head will allow clearing from the development of microbes and other microorganisms. The nozzles are delivered in a sealed aseptic package, which allows you to keep the sterility of the product during transportation.

  • Ultra-thin brush head (0.4 cm);
  • Diamond structure;
  • A dense set of bristles in the form of a wave.
  • Safe and quality cleaning

A proprietary application

Install on your mobile device a branded application for the toothbrush Oclean One / SE and synchronize the toothbrush with your smartphone. After synchronization, you will be able to customize the cleaning mode, view reports on the position of your hand while brushing your teeth, read the recommendations for oral care, and thanks to the built-in ST G-sensor, you can understand when to change the cleaning head of the toothbrush.

It is recommended to change the brush head every 2-3 months.

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Full Description

Brand Oclean
Type Replacement head for toothbrush Oclean  One / SE
Compatibility Oclean One/SE
Material Handle - Dupont Delrin POM
bristles - DuPont Tynex 2017 from nylon and abrasive grain
Diameter  of bristles  0.152 mm
Weight  About 4.3 g
Color of bristles  Blue
Package 1 replaceable head

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