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Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale

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Mi Smart Scale

High measurement accuracy - up to 100 grams, up to a glass of water

High precision pressure sensor – control with your smartphone your family’s health

Uses high-precision sensor to determine the correct (exact) weight

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Full Description

Mi Smart Scale

High measurement accuracy - up to 100 grams, up to a glass of water

High precision pressure sensor – control with your smartphone your family’s health

Uses high-precision sensor to determine the correct (exact) weight

Even small changes in a body weight, are usually important for you. To ensure a high-sensitivity sensor, we have chosen a very solid and reliable manganese steel and after a very precise production technology, strict technological processing, we can finally talk about the creation of high-precision G sensor. In addition, to improve the accuracy of weight measurement, we changed the program for calculating traditional weights, and instead created a system of measuring the weight at the same time in three different ways. This contributes to the fact that within a short period of time you can calculate your weight, taking into account every detail.

As a result, your records on the weight scales are even more accurate while inaccuracy of similar products is twice higher. Traditionally, Chinese are measuring weight in Jing (Chinese pound = 0.5kg), but you can choose a different unit as kg or lbs etc.

Every day you can keep on tracking even the smallest changes in your weight.
We hope that as a result of our efforts, you are becoming even better. Mi Smart Scale also does not stand still. Today, without a difference if it is jogging, gym, workout, walking, shopping or even household chores, you can identify changes in your weight of up to 0.1kg! You can check at any time your weight chart with Mi application and get a professional advice for your health. Daily changes in the weight of your body - and you will become even more confident in yourself.

Example of how weights are working:

Stick to a normal protein intake
BMI (body mass index) 18
Figure is thinner by
3.1kg is left to lose to your target weight
Current weight
Compared with the previous weighing less on ....
Compared with the previous weighing more on .... 

13:00 Lunch: Burger + Coffee
22.00 Bedtime
10.30 Tennis
7.30 Weighing on an empty stomach


Mi Fit App 
Your exciting chart
Open the application Mi Fit and anytime you can view your data, chart changes and clearly see the process of your "rebirth." In addition, based on the BMI, you can plan a fitness workout and adjust your diet. Each weighing is stored on the chip Mi that reaches up to 800 indices.

IOS- will soon be connected to the Internet, stay tuned


Careful analysis
Automatic recognition of each family member
Basing on a data of a human body mass, Mi Smart Scale can automatically identify each family member, it will recognise on its own an adult or a child - have fun with the whole family. Each member can separately view their data, up to 16 users simultaneously.

Automatic user identification
Automatic adult and child identification
Case is made of snow-white stalinite with the use of fluorspar that gives a certain luster.
From the very beginning of development, we were determined to create not only good conditions for the scales use, but we also care about its appearance. We got inspired by the construction aesthetics, so as the main material we have chosen a snow-white stalinite - a production technology that is very complicated, but is reliable. The degree of transparency is over 91.5%, combination of a complex technology of material handling and five-layer process of engraving and polishing, Mi Smart Scale looks and shines like pearls, scales are smooth and soft on touch. Therefore, they are suitable for any style of your home.

Automatic brightness adjustment, pleasant lighting will show you the most important changes
Say goodbye to the last century’s weight scales with blue numbers on the screen! In Mi Smart Scale, we used an accurate detection sensor of brightness and color, there is a careful selection of the color temperature, an equal brightness of 161 LED bulbs, and so your weighing results will be clearly displayed on a display of the scale. The unique light sensor, which is depending on the room illumination, will automatically adjust the brightness of the display light that will be the most comfortable for your eyes. Therefore, regardless of whether in a dark or bright room you are in, seeing your results is not a problem.

For your pleasure, excellent and accurate work from any side
Even though the scales are always on the floor, the designer has dedicated a lot of effort to make perfect every side of the device. To ensure safety, we conducted a series of tests, such as the fall of a steel ball on the surface of the scale, because even in the bathroom something may be accidentally dropped, so we can guarantee the reliability and durability of the scales. After polishing the bottom side, we tightly closed the battery block, which prevents the ingress of dust or hair that may damage the main details. Furthermore, after production of Mi Smart Scale from the factory, everyone can leave their comments and reviews, test them to make sure that every part of the scale is firm and durable.

You and Mi Smart Scale are progressing together.
Open Mi Sport mobile app on your phone near to weight scales, and you can sync all your data, as well as to update the firmware. Living with Mi Smart Scale will bring you even more pleasant experience. Use Bluetooth 4 for low energy consumption, 4 battery sectors may last for a year.


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