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Oclean One Smart Electric Toothbrush Pink

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Xiaomi  Oclean  One Smart Electric Toothbrush has a handy design with a coating that provides a non-slip grip. If you like tracking your personal data,  Oclean  One Smart Electric Toothbrush is what you definitely need. It includes different sensors so that you could improve your brushing habits.

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Full Description

Xiaomi Oclean One Smart Electric Toothbrush

Minimalistic and elegant design

Xiaomi Oclean One Smart Electric Toothbrush has a handy design with a coating that provides a non-slip grip. The toothbrush weighs only 155 g, which makes it light enough for better brushing experience. Its body is made waterproof with an IPX7 rating, which means that you can immerse it in water for 30 minutes. It also features an anti-fouling coating that enhances its longevity and makes it much easier to manage.

Sonic technology that brings 42000 strokes per minute

The toothbrush is able to perform 42000 brush strokes per minute! Manually you cannot reach higher than 100-200 brush strokes per minute. Owing to such high-speed vibrations, the toothbrush removes plaque more efficiently. Also because there is such an active cleaning movement, the toothbrush allows to bring more liquid to teeth during vibration and rinses food-residues and plaque better.

Durable magnetic levitation BLDC motor

The toothbrush is equipped with one of the fastest motors currently available on the market — a modern magnetic levitation BLDC sonic motor. Such a motor expands the toothbrush usage up to 5000 hours and enhances its power up to 20% in comparison with ordinary models. What that means is that the toothbrush can scrub your teeth more thoroughly, which results in a healthier and happier mouth.

Optimal frequency of vibration to prevent splashing

The vibration force of the toothbrush can be controlled through an app to avoid water and toothpaste splashing. Although the toothbrush revolves maximum vibration frequency of 42000 strokes per minute, with the help of an ap[p you can reduce it to what feels comfortable to you. The vibration frequency can be set before turning the toothbrush on. Such a control function makes this toothbrush ideal for people with fixed braces.

DuPont Tynex and Pedex bristles

Oclean One Smart Electric Toothbrush is designed with soft DuPont Tynex and Pedex bristles. These manufacturers have been known for more than 60 years. The quality of their products is recognized all over the world.

DuPont Tynex and Pedex bristles have rounded ends and get rid of plaque without irritation. Thus, this brush is recommended for those people, who have sensitive gums. The bristles are also placed in the multi-level order that allows to clean below the gum line.

Built-in sensors that analyze your brush habits

If you like tracking your personal data, Oclean One Smart Electric Toothbrush is what you definitely want to have. It includes different sensors so that you could keep an eye on and improve your brushing habits. The toothbrush is equipped with a location sensor that allows you to know where you have already brushed and where you missed a spot. It also boasts a built-in sensor that helps you avoid over-brushing and a sensor that estimates how hard you press the toothbrush bristles against your teeth. Having that information the toothbrush is able to give feedback on the quality of brushing with useful recommendations for its further improvement.

Charge that lasts up to 60 days

A good electric toothbrush should be able to keep the charge for at least a week. It also should not take more than half a day to charge its battery. To fully charge Oclean One Smart Electric Toothbrush you need only 3.5 hours, while a lot of modern toothbrushes ask for 15-20 hours. The device has a tremendous 2600mAh battery that allows it to last around 60 days. Just imagine that many toothbrushes of such kind are equipped with 1000mAh batteries, which means that you will have to charge them more often. It also means that their battery will start losing its charge faster.

Perfect companion for travelers and busy people

Oclean One Smart Electric Toothbrush is a great variant for people on the go. It is easy to carry along on your trips as it comes with a transparent plastic case. Keeping the toothbrush in the case will prevent it from picking up different bacteria. You may have various other problems when you travel, but you will surely avoid teeth troubles. The case is really slender, so it does not take a lot of space in your backpack or suitcase.

Manufacturer Xiaomi
Model Oclean One Smart Electric Toothbrush
Type Electric toothbrush
Material ABS plastic
Magnetic levitation  max. frequency 42000rpm, max. twisting force 280gf.cm
Charging source  USB quick-charging magnetic base
Charging time 3.5 hours
Waterproof rate IPX7
Cleaning modes 12, support for varieties of oral health care programs
Battery capacity 2600mAh
Brush head Proclean P1 Standard Cleaning DuPont & Pedex brushing
Bluetooth 4.2 BLE
OS compatibility iOS 8.0 plus and Android 4.4 plus
Voltage 1.8W
Input 5V/1A
Weight 155g
Color Pink

Oclean One Smart Electric Toothbrush x 1
DuPont & Pedex brush head x 1
Oclean USB quick-charging magnetic base x 1
USB power cord 6.3mm audio adapter x 1

User manual PDF — 


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