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8H Mattress M2 1.2 x 2m Gray

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Full Description

Mi 8H Mattress M2

Xiaomi Mi 8H Mattress M2 has become a high-tech solution for those people, who need rest and recovery during sleep. The mattress has a multi-layer construction featuring natural latex and high foam density.

Innovative multi-layer design without glue and formaldehyde

Mi 8H Mattress M2 comes rolled up in a vacuum packed bag, which protects the mattress from getting dirty and from different pathogenic microorganisms getting inside. With the bag, you also get a special unpacking device with the help of which you open the vacuum bag. After unwrapping the mattress it takes around 8 hours to expand to its full size. Do not sleep or sit during this time to ensure it has time to fully expand to its correct size.

The thickness of the mattress is 17 centimeters. It consists of 3 layers: natural latex, Wave shaped polyurethane foam and a lower layer of high-density foam.

Natural latex

The layer of natural latex, obtained from the juice of Malaysian hevea, has a thickness of 3 centimeters. It has a ribbed surface for a greater rigidity to give better body support, but at the same time, the latex is very soft and gently cradles the body to help to provide pressure relieving comfort.

Wave shaped polyurethane foam

The middle layer of the mattress features highly elastic polyurethane foam with special waves to provide an extra relief for your spine. The layout of waves ensures the different zones of hardness. Thus, as your body has a larger mass it sinks deeper into the layer. The head has a smaller effect on this layer and lies above it. As a consequence, the spine is supported in a straight position, large blood vessels are not compressed, and the soft tissues of the body do not swell.

High-density foam

The high-density foam has the shape of chocolate bars and performs the basic supporting function. It allows you to evenly distribute the load from the body on the surface of the mattress and also provides independent deflection. It will be appreciated by couples as it absorbs movement so even if you have a partner that tosses and turns all night, it will not affect your side of the bed.

Breathable case

The case for the Mi 8H Mattress M2 is developed by the Taiwanese company Singtex and features coffee threads that is also used for the production of accessories, top sportswear, and lingerie. The coffee thread material is completely safe when it comes to direct tactile contact with the human skin.

YKK zipper

All three layers of the mattress are not glued and not stitched, but are kept in special cases, fastened with a help of an invisible zipper from the world famous company YKK. Due to a no-glue design, you can take off the mattress and even wash it in the washing machine.

Antibacterial protection against different insects

Polygiene ® — is the world-famous German company, which is engaged in the development and implementation of a new antibacterial technology. Xiaomi used this material to inhibit the growth of fungi and bacteria, prevent their occurrence and reproduction, and protect human skin from the side effects. The mattress can also suppress unpleasant odors and stays fresh throughout the day.

For all layers of the mattress, Xiaomi used a special protective material from the German company Evolon. This material was developed to protect from the multiplication of various insects, parasitic mites, bacteria and fungi in the mattress. Due to the dense structure of the material and very small holes, the mites cannot penetrate it. The pore size of the Evolon fabric is less than 1 micron.


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