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Xiaomi Qualitell ZS9001 Anti Mosquito Swatter

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Flies, midges and mosquitoes will no longer disturb your sleep! If you have a Qualitell ZS9001 Electric Fly Swatter.

The device has a bait in the form of a UV lamp emitting wavelengths from 395 nm to 400 nm. It is these violet light waves that attract flying insects.

As soon as they touch the electrified surface of the fly swatter, they will immediately be struck by an electric current.

Qualitell Anti Mosquito Swatter comes with a wall mount that will automatically activate the appropriate insect trapping and killing mode, producing an instantaneous voltage of 3500 V.

This device is powered by a 1200 mAh battery, which takes about 120 minutes to charge.

When using a fly swatter, the following precautions should be followed:

1. Never touch the metal mesh with your hands or any objects.

2. Keep this device out of the reach of children.

3. Do not use this device near flammable liquids and substances.

4. The fly swatter can not be washed under water, wipe with a damp towel. It must be kept in a dry place only.

5. If you are not using the device, be sure to set the switch to the "off" position.

6. You can charge the fly swatter only after turning off the power. The charging process should not take more than 12 hours. Do not use it while charging.

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Full Description

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Type: Electric Fly Swatter
Model: ZS9001
Material: Polycarbonate
Battery capacity: 1200 mAh
Rated voltage: DC 5 V
Rated power: 2 W
Output voltage: DC 3500 V
Size: 450 x 230 x 28 mm
Fly swatter weight: 251 g

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