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Haylou T15 Bluetooth Headsets

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Simply cool wireless earbuds with 2200mAh dock capacity

Haylou T15 Bluetooth Headsets are cool trendy wireless headphones.

They have support for split headphone technology as well as support for the AAC audio codec.

The Realtek 8763 VXP processor is responsible for the operation of the headphones, and the body of the gadget is protected from splashing water using IPX5 technology.

Do you think these are all surprises? No!

The thing is that the capacity of the headphone docking station is as much as 2200 mAh.

Thanks to this, the docking station of the gadget can be used not only as a case for recharging headphones, but also as a power bank for a smartphone!

Completing the positive picture of this cool model is DSP noise cancellation and Bluetooth 5.0 support.


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Full Description

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Brand: Haylou
Additional features Driver diameter 6mm
Working time in music mode: 3.5 hours
Headphone charging time up to 1.5 hours (case - 4 hours)
Radius: up to 10 meters
Capacity: earphone 43 m * Ah, case 2200 m * Ah
Connectors: MicroUSB, USB-A
Weight Weight of case with headphones: 84 g. Weight of one earphone 3.7 g.
Headphone type Vacuum
Connection type Wireless
Active noise cancellation No
Headphone frequency range (Hz) 20 - 20000
Headphone impedance, Ohm 32
Sensitivity (dB): 110
Microphone type Dynamic
Microphone design Built in headphone housing
Microphone directivity Omnidirectional
Features: TWS, Battery cover
Connection interface Bluetooth

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