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Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Audio Receiver White

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Full Description

You shouldn’t refuse your favorite headphones

Device with usual 3.5-connector

Mi Bluetooth Audio Receiver can realize the “dream” of many users, for which it is very important to have a traditional 3.5-connector to connect their favorite headphones which many modern smartphones don’t have.

No wires

Easy transformation of wired headphones into wireless

Enjoy your favorite music on your way to the office, in vacation or when you are doing sport. Mi Bluetooth Audio Receiver can connect any wired headphones to your smartphone using Bluetooth wireless technology 4.2.

Quick connection

One-button operation

Connecting the Mi Bluetooth Audio Receiver won’t take a lot of your time. Fast Bluetooth-synchronization and one-button control, will provide maximum convenience for using the device.

Stable communication

Impressive range

Bluetooth technology 4.2, which is equipped with an audio device will provide a stable connection to the music source without any hindrances. The working range of the device is 10 meters, which will allow you to enjoy listening to music at home, in transport or during the morning run.

“Pure” sound — only positive emotions

Perfectly balanced frequency range

Based on the numerous of tests conducted with the direct participation of users all the low and high frequencies were perfectly balanced. Now you can estimate the maximum pure sound (expressive frequencies, depth of a bass, etc.) without any hindrances.

No extraneous noise

Effective noise reduction

Using the new generation chip allowed completely to eliminate extraneous noise that affects the purity of the sound.


Lightweight and portable

Mi Bluetooth Audio Receiver is almost weightless (the weight is only 10 grams) it also has a compact size and a special latch on using which you can attach the device to a T-shirt or other clothes. Feel ease and freedom of movement.

Trouble-free operation of the device

Built-in battery

A battery with a capacity of 97 mAh will take care of long and trouble-free operation of the audio receiver, and you can listen to music, audiobooks/lessons for a long time.

Convenience in every detail

Practically weightless

The perfect design, design and dimensions of the audio receiver, made it very convenient to use every day and it won’t create any discomfort, even if it is fixed on clothes.

Convenient to relax

Reliable protection and no discomfort

The receiver is equipped with an anti-radiation shield, which will protect you from the effects of radiation from the smartphone. Healthy dreams with a beautiful music.

Focus on the workflow

Effective “filtering” of external noise

If you find it difficult to focus on the workflow in a noisy office, then the Mi Bluetooth Audio Receiver is what you need, as it excellently isolates the outside noise for you.

Safety in the vechicle

Dont be distracted from driving

With the help of this audio receiver,you can easy pair the car speakers with a smartphone. Listen to music and communicate with your friends, you won’t be distracted from driving.

Reliable design

Metal + plastic

The clip of the receiver is made of a combination of two high-quality materials — metal and plastic. The use of such materials will ensure the reliability of attaching the device to clothes in various weather conditions.

Maximum Convenience

Installed software. Connect and use.

With an audio receiver, you do not need to waste your time searching for and installing software. Everything has already been pre-installed! At the same time you can make the synchronization of receiver with two devices like smartphone and laptop or a smartphone and MP3-player.

3.5 mm connecting cable

Reliable connection to the speaker

The connecting cable, which is included to the package, will allow you quickly and efficiently adjust the process of playing music through speakers that support a wired connection.

Take into account:

* This product uses a Micro USB interface for charging.

* Does not support Apple’s MFI technology or Apple devices.

* All specified data are the results of laboratory tests, the actual test results will be related to a particular use or test environment.

Manufacturer Xiaomi
Model Mi Bluetooth Audio Receiver
Type Audio Receiver
Dimensions 5.9×1.35 cm
Weight 10 g
Maximum working time 4 hours
Working distance 10 meters
Wireless connection Bluetooth 4.2
Charge Micro USB
Bluetooth protocol HFP / HSP / A2DP / AVRCP
Color White
Package 1 x Audio Receiver
User manual PDF — 

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