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Hutt inverter window cleaning robot DDC55 White

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More and more devices are being created that do all the dirty work for you while cleaning. And the nice white Xiaomi Mijia Youpin window washing robot is no exception. This great helper will save you the climbing stairs hassle. Now the windows in your house can be cleaned without leaving the couch. The subcompact and comfortable Hutt DDC55 body provides the easy carrying from room to room so you can wash glass surfaces throughout your home. The window cleaning robot comes with remote control, so you can easily guide all the process. One square meter takes no more than four minutes to complete, and in the case of a power failure, this smart device will serve for 20 minutes more to finish what is started.
The Hutt DDC55 from Xiaomi has a new frequency inversion function. This means that it can autonomously modify the suction power, depending on the soiling degree that is automatically detected. It also has a built-in artificial intelligence function that locates obstacles and turns the device avoiding the stumbling upon.

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Full Description

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Window Cleaning Robot




Hutt DDC55



Cleaning speed:

3 min/1 m²

Rated Power:

120 W

Rated Voltage:

24 V

Noise level:

About 65 dB

Battery Capacity:

650 mAh

Charging time:

2.2 hours


375×315×100 mm


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