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RoboRock Xiaowa Vacuum Cleaner C10 White

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Code 2828750

Keep clean every day

The vacuum cleaner can daily maintain the purity of your floor covering, plying in a special quick mode.

It can determine the distance to objects and walls, automatically determine the coating, pick up the suction force and power to work in order to bring your floor in a perfectly clean condition in a short time.

The suction power of the vacuum cleaner is 1600 Pa, so all garbage and dust from the floor will be collected in a container.

Optimal for the apartment

To effectively clean the room, the robot vacuum cleaner scans the room, determines its size, type of cover, and obstacles, and then builds the most optimal cleaning route on its own.

However, he can follow 4 scenarios:

  • Cleaning the perimeter of the room. As near the skirting, the largest amount of dirt accumulates.
  • Cleaning around objects. The robot determines the location of objects in the room and clears the space around them.
  • Random trajectory. It moves randomly in an open space.
  • Work in particularly cramped conditions. For niches, pantries and other similar rooms.
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Full Description

Name RoboRock Xiaowa Vacuum Cleaner C10
Brand RoboRock
Battery  Lithium-ion
Capacity 14.4V / 2600mAh
Rated power (vacuum cleaner) 50 W
Rated voltage 14.4 V
Connection Wi-Fi  (smart fast connection)
Size(Vacuum cleaner) 35×35×9 cm
Size(Docking station) 13×15×9.8 cm
Rated power (docking station) 42 W
Input voltage (docking station) 100-240 V ~
Output (docking station) 20В ⎓ 1.8А
Rated frequency (docking station) 50/60 Hz
Color White


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