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Xiaomi SWDK Corded Steam Vibration Mop S260 White

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Effective removal of dust and dirt from the floor, cleaning the floor covering from stains, the sterilization function and other useful features are embodied in one device - the SWDK S260 manual steam cleaner.

SWDK S260 is able to fully assist you in cleaning your home. It uses a high-frequency vibration drive up to 1000 rpm.

It simulates hand wiping the floor, and the flexibility of the hinge of the steam cleaner head allows the cloth nozzles to rotate 270 °, qualitatively removing various types of dirt in its path.

Another feature of this device, which is practical for every home and office, is the functions of high-temperature cleaning at a temperature of 100 ° C and disinfection with a sterilization efficiency of up to 99.99%.

To use the high temperature cleaning function, you must first fill the 270 milligram reservoir with water.

The high heating power of 1250 W, allows the production of a large volume of steam within 30 seconds.

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Full Description

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Type: Multifunctional Steam Cleaner
Model: S260
Rated voltage: AC 220 V
Rated power: 1250 W
Water tank capacity: 270 ml
Heating time: 25 s
Cleaning frequency: 1000 ± 10% rpm
Working sound: 70 dB (A)
Power cord length: 6.5 m
Size: 260 x 210 x 1130 mm
Weight: 3 kg

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