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Xiaomi Bebird Smart Visual Ear Cleaner C3 Pink

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The Bebird C3 earwax remover has been designed to help users effectively care for their ears.

With a built-in 3 million pixel endoscope camera and 6 LEDs, the device allows you to closely monitor the earwax removal process in real time via your smartphone.

The lens diameter of the device is only 3.5 mm, so that it can fit comfortably into the ear canal.

In addition, the Bebird C3 is integrated with an intelligent 3-axis gyroscope to provide a 360 ° wide viewing angle image display.

Bebird C3 uses a high-speed WiFi chip to transmit video to your smartphone smoothly and clearly in real time at up to 30fps.

The Bebird C3 is also compact in size and relatively light at just 16g, making it extremely easy to transport.

In addition, the surface of the body of this smart ear stick is roughened to help the wearer hold it securely in the hand.

The Bebird C3 otoscope is equipped with a 250mAh rechargeable lithium battery for stable continuous use for about 90 minutes.

The Bebird C3 is also IP67 waterproof, so its handpiece can be rinsed under running water.

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Full Description

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Type: Ear Trimmer
Model: Bebird C3
Network standard: Wi-Fi
Resolution: 3 MP
Image rate: 30 fps
Working temperature: -10 °C ~ 50 °C
Battery capacity: 250 mAh
Working time: About 80 minutes
Charging time: About 1.5 hours
Input: DC 5V 250 mAh
Lens diameter: 3.5 mm
Focal length: 1.5 ~ 2 cm
Weight: 16 g

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