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Zdeer (ZD-X8) Healing Lamp White

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Zdeer ZD-X8 - a modern medical heater

Cool modern gadgets aren't just tablets or smartphones.

They are also interesting devices with a medical bias.

Such as the Zdeer ZD-X8 is a modern medical heater.

The principle of its action is positioned as based on the Chinese "moxa" - the method of "heat" treatment known in Chinese medicine.

In other words, the Zdeer ZD-X8, built in the form factor of a modern pedestal floor lamp, allows you to warm up your body wherever you need it.

The device has 5 operating modes and allows you to warm a person in the range from 60 to 200 degrees Celsius.

Plus, the ability to control the device from a smartphone, plus an adjustable foot of the body of the gadget, thanks to which you can easily direct the heat exactly to the part of the body that requires it.

Take care of your health with a 21st century gadget!

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Full Description

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Type: Multifunctional heater
Brand: ZDEER
Model: ZD-X8
Working hours: Button control and management Mijia АРР
Display mode: LED display backlight
Time range: 5-60 minutes
Temperature adjustment range: 60 °C-200 °C
Voltage: 220 V ± 10% ~
Power consumption: 25 W
Weight: 4.5 kg

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