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Xiaomi Mirror GIGA LOUNGER Automatic Inflatable Bed Orange

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Code 2831492

The MicroNovelty GIGA LOUNGER Automatic Inflatable Relaxation Bed is the perfect choice to help you find a place to lie back and relax anytime, anywhere!

With flexible folding design, fast auto inflation in 100 seconds, breathable fabric material, load up to 150kg, it can be called a very useful portable bed for users, especially when traveling, picnic.

The GIGA LOUNGER inflatable bed has a structure that fits the body and protects the natural curve of the user's spine.

The hardness and softness of the bed can be adjusted.

This bed uses an AirVorTech electric inflatable pump that can automatically fill the bed with air in just 100 seconds.

The inflatable bed uses a Micro-USB input port and can be charged from the mains or car power supply.

In particular, the electric pump is also equipped with a 2600 mAh battery, the charge of which is enough to inflate the bed about 30 times.

Once inflated, the bed has a maximum thickness of 50 cm, so you will not be in contact with the ground, which is very important when sleeping outdoors.

In addition, the size of the inflatable bed is 180 x 70 x 50 cm.

After use and deflation, the inflatable bed can be folded, it weighs 1.2 kg. The compact size of the inflatable bed allows you to store it in a backpack or bag.

In terms of materials, the GIGA LOUNGER automatic inflatable bed uses a thick, waterproof, wear-resistant nylon fabric, as well as a TPU inner lining, which is an environmentally friendly hot-pressed composite with good heat resistance and high air tightness.

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Full Description

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Type: Automatic Inflatable Bed
Materials: TPU, Nylon, ABS (air pump)
Finished size: 180 x 70 x 50 cm
Folded size: 31.5 x 18.5 x 18.5 cm
Maximum bed load: 150 kg
Automatic air filling: 100 seconds
Power: 15.5 W
Voltage: 5 V
Battery capacity: 2600 mAh
Charging time: 4 hours
Waterproof: IPX4 (splash water proof)
Weight: 1.2 kg

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