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Mijia S1: Multifunctional Kettle With 8 Built-in Functions

MiOT Ecosystem has launched the crowdfunding for a new multifunctional kettle. This device comes with 8 great features, supports multiple temperature settings and heat preservation, which makes it perfect for those who like hot beverages! With a capacity of 1.5L, the Mijia Multifunctional Kettle S1 is perfect for sharing hot beverages with your family and guests.

Mijia Multifunction Kettle S1 view

Mijia Multifunction Kettle S1 is designed with two nested lids. The device uses a food-grade 316L stainless steel hot plate, which has excellent corrosion resistance. The body of Mijia Multifunctional Kettle S1 is made of glass, which is designed to be easy to clean with no dead corners.

Mijia Multifunction Kettle S1 and tea

The maximum power of the kettle is 1000W. The model supports 10 levels of heat adjustment. Users can automatically adjust the power according to different ingredients. In addition to using 1000W power for boiling, it can also be used for slow simmering at 100W.

In terms of temperature control, the Mijia Multi-functional Kettle S1 supports 11 temperature settings from 40°C to 90°C, which can be adjusted in 5°C intervals. In addition, the kettle supports up to 12 hours of reheat, which is automatically activated after cooking to maintain the temperature at an optimal level.

Mijia Multifunction Kettle S1 using