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Momoda MK5: A Great Solution For Neck And Shoulder Massage

MiOT Ecosystem partner - Momoda has launched a new massage device on the crowdfunding platform. The increasing interest for this product shows that this product can be really useful and necessary for many people. Let's review what this massager can do.

Momoda MK5 pain relief

Sitting in the office for a long time, sleeping in the wrong position - all these cause muscle discomfort. The new U-shaped massager is designed to relieve neck and shoulder muscles (especially trapezius muscles). The 4D elastic massage head imitates hand-like kneading and provides deep muscle massage. The massager can be used for different zones and muscles such as neck, shoulders, back and lower back, quadriceps, calf muscle.

Momoda MK5 massage

Hands-free portable design makes it convenient for use. The massager supports a 2-level heat therapy to relieve soreness. The heat compress function provides relaxation. There are different massage modes for beginners, the elderly and people with chronic shoulder and neck pain.

Momoda MK5 using

The model is equipped with a high-power brushless motor (2000RPM speed), which is strong and powerful and quiet in operation.

Enjoy massage without limits. The model has a built-in battery that provides 90 minutes of work (can be used 9 times without recharging).

The model will be available in two colors: beige and orange.

Momoda MK5 view