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New Roborock Vacuum Cleaner With Video Communication Function And Retractable Nozzle

Roborock has introduced new robot vacuum cleaners. One of the models - the S8 MaxV Ultra is an updated series. The main features of the model are video communication support and special retractable nozzle.

S8 MaxV Ultra view

AI camera helps to recognize the objects, so it will be able to bypass even small obstacles such as small toys. The model supports voice commands directly, without the smartphone. The video broadcasting function lets the owner see the cleaning process on the smartphone.

The vacuum cleaner has 2 mop nozzles with a rotation frequency of 4000 times per minute. When the S8 MaxV Ultra enters the carpet, it raises the mop nozzles to avoid wetting the carpet.

The retractable nozzle provides more thorough cleaning in the corners. The docking station can be connected directly to water and sewer systems (depending on product version).

S8 MaxV Ultra model

Sales are expected to start in April. The price of the model will be around 1800$ (depending on the version).