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Sherlock Smart Lock Easily Transforms Your Lock into Smart

Sherlock smart-stick lock is a new smart device to upgrade your usual door with the anti-theft lock. It looks like the polycarbonate overlay that fixes on your door lock on the inner side.

The construction of the lock is quite simple. No need to replace the original lock, no need to call the service, the installation does not need three or four hours — it will take only 5 minutes. Some geek enthusiasts even set themselves a challenge of 3 minutes quick installation.

Its principle is very simple and ingenious. The mobile phone and the padlock communicate with each other via Bluetooth. The indoor lock switch is operated immediately after the padlock receives the instruction, and the response is rapid.

The communication between locks and mobile phones is provided by MIJS custom chips. So you shouldn’t worry about it because all the information is securely protected.

You can create new temporary virtual Bluetooth keys. You can set up the necessary working time for this key. The keys operation is quite simple. You can delete it when you need. In addition to this, you can block the keys and the door can be opened only by your smartphone.

Let the innovation enter into your house! Choose modern technologies! Make your lock smart with SHERLOCK M1 Smart Lock.