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Why Don't You Have a Good Nap on Your Lunch Break?

The new product — LF Multi-function U-shaped Massage Neck Pillow will allow you to arrange a good rest wherever you are.

You can rest in different ways. Night dream, which should last at least 8 hours in an ideal world, undoubtedly important, but there are little tricks that will allow you to rest not only at night.

For example, a lunch nap at work, widely practiced in Asian countries like China and Japan. Unfortunately, it’s not so popular everywhere.

A nap can not only improve your efficiency but also prevent coronary heart disease. According to medical researchers, a 30-minute nap a day can make hormone secretion even more balanced, reducing the incidence of coronary heart disease by 30%. The data show that the effect of a lunch break of 20 minutes is better than taking 200mg of caffeine; if you take a 20 minutes lunch break, your cognitive ability can be restored by 40%. Regain your energy. If you work hard, you must rest and give yourself a good lunch break.

Do you think that you will never be able to sleep in your office? But this is not true! With this charming LF Massage Neck Pillow, a dream will become your companion even in the not-so-suitable office space for this.

First, this is not a simple pillow — it’s a convenient innovative device with a function of massage of the cervical spine.

The massage is performed in a 10-minute cycle, allowing you to immerse yourself in sleep and get out of it, passing drowsiness.

It creates different beats and vibration patterns to guide the respiratory frequency to be consistent with sleep.

The pillow has the good orthopedic shape with memory effect. It gently supports the back of the neck, allowing natural relaxation of the muscles, as well as holding the head. It does not slip or twist around the neck thanks to a special clip and gives you the opportunity to feel relief after office work, even without going to bed.

You can change the massage mode directly on the cushion by pressing the button. The model can be freely rolled up and unroll and stored even in a small bags.

It can be carried conveniently. Even if you are on a business trip, you can sleep and relax.