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Xiaomi Has Launched A New Water Purifier 1000G

Ordinary tap water usually contains chlorine and heavy metals which makes it not as healthy as purified water.

New Mijia Water Purifier 1000G is a new model of water purifier with an improved filtration system and operating speed.

What are the benefits of the model?

First of all - the performance. The water supply rate is 2.65 liters per minute. For comparison, a 150 ml glass can be filled in 1.5 seconds. Sounds impressive.

Talking about the cleaning system, the device is equipped with a 5-in-1 filter element and a reverse osmosis filter. All of this effectively filters water from impurities and metals but significantly improves the taste and quality of water.

The device does not require frequent replacement of components. So, the filter element is designed to last up to 2 years, and the reverse osmosis filter is designed to work up to 5 years.

The faucet with a smart display is included in the package. The purifier can be installed under the sink and will not take up much space. As always, the device can be synchronized with a smartphone to show information about the quality of water and the need to replace the filter.

Mijia 1000G is the perfect solution for a large family. Fast, convenient, and modern - all in the spirit of Xiaomi!