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Xiaomi's 5th Anniversary Event Brings new products

It’s been just five years since Xiaomi was founded, and the rapidly growing company is celebrating the occasion in China with a fan festival to thank the company’s loyal customers. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun took the opportunity to announce five new products.

Meet ‪MiTV2‬ in a supersized 55″ — a 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV! It’s 1st in the world to use the latest 4K MStar 6A928 processor, giving you 4K H.265 video decoding at 60fps. The popular wireless 8-speaker sound bar now has an all-new aluminum subwoofer too.

Declutter your desktop wires with the sleek ‪‎MiPowerStrip‬ (RMB 49) that features 3 power sockets and 3 USB ports with 2.1A quick charging. It’s not just efficient and elegant, but safe to use, with quality fire-resistant materials, surge protection and childproof features.



MiSmartScale‬ (RMB 99) has a 5kg-150kg range with 50g precision and tracks weight and BMI for the whole family. It’s beautiful LED display stays hidden from view until you step on it.

And also launch ‪MiNote‬ in a gorgeous shade of pink! Comes in an exclusive packaging that’s bound to satisfy your passion for pink.