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Yi Wu Yi Shi Pot – French Traditions in Modern Version

This brightly colored pot will definitely attract your attention. The story of this type of pot has started in France where it was used to serve the Julienne, but then this invention spread all over the world. Following this tendency, the Xiaomi Ecological Chain Partner — Yi Wu Yi Shi also offers its version of traditional cast iron saucepans.

The beautiful enamel covering doesn’t look like the ordinary pot.

Cast iron is the best material for dishes for several reasons. Firstly, it provides high thermal conductivity and even distribution of heat. All the food is warmed up with perfect steaming. The cooking process in cast-iron pots usually takes much time, but the dishes will have different taste than cooked in another way.

These are three major advantages of Yi Wu Yi Shi Pot:

1. Heat conduction and good insulation performance.

The pot can fully heat up the whole food, and after preheating it can maintain a very stable heat, so the food can be cooked evenly inside and outside.

2. Cast iron builds thick pot body

Cast iron is one of the popular high-quality materials, which makes the pot body thick and has good sealing properties. The pot can be used as a micro-pressure cooker.

3. Ensures the original taste of ingredients

The Yi Wu Yi Shi Pot evenly heats and does not produce soot. The lid uses a unique design, which can lock the steam in the pan and ensure the nutrition and natural taste of the dishes.

This pot is a good choice for people who are looking for a qualitative and cost-effective decision for their kitchen.