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Enchen Boost Hair Clipper Black

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Code 2829359

This is an innovative model of hair clipper, which is in great demand today. The professional T-shaped steel cutting head provides smooth and high-quality hair trimming. The package includes 3 interchangeable nozzles. The thickness of the blades of the cutting head is 0.3 mm.
Also included are 3 interchangeable combs, using which you can independently control the length of the haircut.
The device is characterized by a powerful engine (10 W), operating at a speed of 7100 rpm. The battery capacity is 1500 mAh. The device is fully charged in 3 hours and works for 4 hours without recharging.

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Full Description

Enchen Boost is a hair clipper that is perfect for home use. The device is quite simple to operate, so you can easily create haircuts not only for yourself but also for your family members.

Adjustable length

The device is equipped with a special adjustable nozzle. Using it, you can set and fix the desired length of hair. Hair length can be set in the range of 0.7-21mm.

Ceramic blade with nano coating

The ceramic blade used in the Enchen Boost is much harder than the regular stainless steel blade used in most hair clippers. This material does not heat up during operation and works quietly (noise level is not higher than 55 dB)

Two working modes

There is a control button that allows you to switch between two modes of operation, depending on the type of hair you need to work with. The first mode - normal speed (4500 rpm) is suitable for normal hair. The second mode - high-speed operation (5800 rpm) is used for hard and thick hair.

ESM system

ESM - intelligent smart shaving system helps the hair clipper to maintain high performance even on a low charge. There is also a special light indicator on the body that displays the battery level.

Safe haircut

Enchen Boost is suitable for children's haircuts. The hair clipper head has special rounded corners to avoid scratches during usage.

Up to 3 months of work

On a full charge, the Enchen Boost is capable to provide up to 90 minutes of operation. A full charge cycle is 1.5 hours, and а 90% charge achieves in 1 hour.



Hair Clipper






5 W ⎓


5 V

Charging Time:

2 h


142 g



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