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ENCHEN Electric Toothbrush Aurora T+ White

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ENCHEN Aurora T + is an electric toothbrush that provides complete cleaning of the whole oral cavity. The brush head adapts to any mouth ergonomics for effective cleaning of plaque and bacteria. DuPont villi are made of an antibacterial material that prevents bacteria from growing in the head. The gadget is easy to use, as it is controlled by just one button. The brush vibrates every 30 seconds to remind you to change the brushing zone. The battery is capable of supporting the autonomous operation of the device for 14 days. Conveniently, the gadget can be recharged even with a power bank or laptop.

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Full Description

3 operating modes

To ensure a comfortable and high-quality brushing of teeth, the toothbrush should provide the individual dental care. That is why the Enchen Aurora T + brush received 3 modes of operation so the user can choose the mode exactly to the needs.

Standard mode - suitable for daily care and operates at a high vibration frequency.

Gentle mode suitable for sensitive gums or dentures.

Health mode - more effective against coffee or tea plaque.

Powerful motor and intelligent operation

The brush received a built-in motor with magnetic levitation with 40,000 strokes per minute. The brush will notify with sound vibration in every 30 seconds that it is time to change the brushing area. In this way you can effectively clean all the teeth.

Moisture protection

The Enchen Aurora T+ brush is IPX7 water resistant, making it washable under running water.

Battery life up to 2 weeks

The average brushing cycle is approximately 2 minutes. According to this the Enchen Aurora T + is able to provide up to 14 days of work without recharging. A full charge of the brush takes 3 hours










Battery type

Nickel-metal hydride battery

Cleaning efficiency

40000 strokes per minute






Battery life indicator, Timer

Battery life

14 days


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