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1MORE Bear Keychain Earphone Holder Black

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Code 2828766

The 1MORE Bear Stand Keychain/Earphone Holder comes in two colors and will be a perfect addition to any gift.

Especially the present will be relevant if included with the headphones.

A small beautiful accessory from 1More — a bear keychain for a bag, a backpack and other items. The keychain has a neat design, and the color solutions correspond to the latest fashion trends.

In the hands of the bear, you can easily place the earphones. The bright 1More bear perfectly complements the design of both the workplace and other personal space.

The toy is made of a thermoplastic polyvinyl chloride, which is sufficiently versatile material, has good chemical stability; self-extinguishing; low water absorption; easy to bond and high-temperature resistance ( about 40 °).

Bright colors, stylish design, and company name are a perfect combination that will decorate any workplace or backpack as an elegant accessory.

Original keychain 1More — an excellent accessory for the internal tuning of your car.

* Note! Precautionary measures.

The keychain should not be heated, washed with hot water, sterilized by steam or left under prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation (as at 65 ° C the PVC material begins to deteriorate — this can lead to the release of harmful substances). The key is not recommended for use after mechanical damage. It is not recommended to give to small children, as kids can lick a toy or bite off a piece of it. The material is not suitable for internal use.

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