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Xiaomi ONEBOT OBLKSC59AIQI Mining Truck Red

ONEBOT never ceases to amaze with original models of constructors, one of the brightest representatives of which is the ONEBOT Mining Truck.

Connecting a huge number of construction blocks equipped with a disassembler into a single whole will help you study in more detail the structure of this self-unloading truck.

And this process is very exciting. You can control the hydraulic arm of the truck, appreciate its structure with manual transmission and rear suspension. Opening the hood to look at the V6 engine and moving piston, and also modify the design of the dump truck at your discretion.

With your smartphone and tablet, you can view the 3D drawings of the ONEBOT Mining Truck, its details and design features. So it will be much easier to assemble this truck.

All parts are made of a combination of polycarbonate and ABS plastic, and comply with European RoHS standards.

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Full Description

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Type: Mining Dump Truck
Materials: Plastic ABS, polycarbonate
Age category: From 14 years old
Size: 150 x 510 x 140 mm

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