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Xiaoxun 16-inch color LCD tablet Pink

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Code 2830840

Xiaoxun 16-inch color LCD tablet - your child will love it!

Is your child taking their first steps in drawing? Or maybe he wants to write his first letters?

Or maybe you want to teach him the alphabet and need a handy tool for visualizing letters?

In any of these, as well as in many other cases, Xiaoxun 16-inch color LCD tablet can help.

For ease of drawing, this tablet received a stylus with a magnetic mount and adjustable pressure force.

And for ease of use, the designers have made the LCD screen of the device quite large - its diagonal is as much as 16 inches.

To erase the "drawn" image, by tradition, there is one button on the body.

Minimum functionality - maximum convenience!

Develop the creativity of your children, teach them with graphics, draw yourself - in all this, the Xiaoxun 16-inch color LCD tablet is a great assistant.

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Full Description

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Type: Color Graphics Tablet
Brand: Xiaoxun
Model: XPHB003
Screen diagonal: 16"
Material: ITO, ABS plastic
Stylus: Magnetic stylus
Battery Type: Battery-button (CR2025)
Size: 368 x 268 x 8 mm
Stylus length: 160 mm

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