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Xiaomi Mi TV 2 40″

Xiaomi Company has once again demonstrated that they can be a benchmark of style in the production of machinery, releasing a new 40-inch ultra-slim TV Mi TV2. Today the 40-inch Full HD TV 2 Mi - the most reasonable value for money. The company spent more than $ 1 billion to create the largest video library. The only one TV in world with high-SDP matrix feature. Mi TV2 have exquisite glossy design

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Full Description

40" Mi TV2

40 inch Mi TV2

The world’s only TV, equipped with 10-bit decoder, the best price-quality ratio Smart TV

The most cost-effective Mi TV2 40-inch

“Gold” (perfect) size, every third family has a 40-inch TV

The world’s only TV equipped with 10-bit decoder

Panel Sharp SDP X-GEN

Sharp SDP X-GEN, with an excess static contrast 5000:1 and the matrix response time 6 milliseconds. High-quality Radiant Opto-Electronics LEDs create an unrivaled screen module, unprecedented graphics quality.

$ 1 billion to create the largest video library

More than 240 000 hours of movies

Mi company invested $ 1 billion in the best partner companies of video content, as a result of cooperation with the City Galaxy Internet TV, a wide selection of movies, TV shows, live entertainment, anime and many other licensed movies in HD resolution is offered to your consideration. An internal memory, compared to the previous 2014 year, has become more than 2.5 times larger, and it is not a limit.

Smart TV

Android-based for home entertainment

A wide selection of movies, the ability to connect to video games. Gather in the living room for unlimited fun. Mi TV 2 purchase is the same thing as if you buy at the same time the TV with Internet support, a game console and a tablet with a large screen for your entertainment in the living room.


Exceeds the Smart TV system

100 million users prefer the system Smart MIUI. The whole Mi TV system supports MIUI TV, which is so easy to use that even a three year old child or an eighty-year-old person will not have any problems. Monthly update, new products adding, more exciting games, continuous delight.

10-bit decoder supporting N.265

Built-in widescreen player, capable of playing H.265 / H.264 / S.263 / MPEG4 / REAL / AFS and other video formats, and also supports RM / FLV / MOV / AVI / MKV / TS / MP4 and others.

Elegant design

The embodiment of beauty in technics

An incredibly slim design of the TV, a high-gloss finish and the small aluminum “legs” make it even more stylish and fashionable. Every detail is carefully designed, down to each screw.

Merging of high technologies together

Creation of graphics HD quality

An LCD display and a LED lighting are making up 70% of the total cost of the TV. We have chosen a high-quality SDP X-Gen panel by Radiant Opto-Electronics company, that is also a supplier for Apple, and an ultra-high quality MStar graphics chipset. Thanks to new technologies and developments, Mi TV 40 has an unmatched HD quality of graphics.

Display by Japanese supplier company

The advanced 10th generation LCD display with a static screen contrast 5000:1. Due to the unique and complex system of optical fibers, the black color becomes more saturated and the white — more bright and clean. All colors and shades on the screen became brighter and more beautiful.

Illumination by Radiant Opto-Electronics company

Apple supplier

By itself, the LCD screen is unlighted, the only source of light is a backlight, so the degree of light homogeneity and the ability to manage it has a direct impact on the graphics quality.

12 technologies to improve the quality of graphics

A clear image of every detail

Mi TV 2 has a 4th generation ultra-high graphics quality MStar processor, a settings optimization microchip, a high speed of the real time improvement of the each frame of image, a clearer and brighter image.

UNCR / DB / DM / De-ring / CCS / UCDi / LCE / DD / DS / SD/HD / UCDE / FAC

10 technologies of the screen color improving

Natural and colorful displaying of each frame of the image

Mi TV 2 in real time is able to determine and improve the skin color, so that it acquires its natural appearance. It can also detect the presence of blue, green, red colors on the screen and make them much brighter and richer. Before leaving the factory, the experts carefully check all the settings of the TV. Thus, we can guarantee the high quality of each frame image.

FCC / GG / SC / BS / BLE/WLE / CTI / DLC / 16Color IBC / 16Color IHC / 16Color ICC

+ 83%

Content update

up to 440 000 hours

10 billion dollars for the creation of the largest content base containing a variety of videos. Within a few months the number of video files has increased from 240,000 to 440,000. A wide selection of Hollywood movies, many different TV programs, more opportunities to watch online broadcasts and so on.

Xiaomi has licenses of 4 large websites

The absence of an annual fee, more content

Grossing Hollywood movies

In 2015 Xiaomi presented the best Hollywood movies, so follow the updates.

Films, earned billions of dollars in international box office

Until October 16, 2015, Xiaomi website has 54 films (of 61), which raised billions of dollars in international box office.


Live concerts, sports games and eSports

As of today, Xiaomi has already held a live broadcast of the Tan Weiwei concert, the 2015 concert liveshow of Zheng Jun, the Super Cup in Italy, the R8LMS Cup 2015, the men’s Basketball Championship, the US Open Championship in tennis and other activities.

Massive TV series

To create the largest content base, Xiaomi is cooperating with HuaCe Film&TV, Huashi TV, Sun Shine TV, Hoirun TV and other large websites containing a large number of different films.


To create a large “library” of various TV programs, concerts, etc. Xiaomi is working closely with Mango TV, Aiqiyi, Souhu, PPTV, Best TV, and many others.


A large anime content, thanks to the Xiaomi cooperation with such websites as the Aiqiyi, Mango TV, Souhu, PPTV, Lekan TV, Xiaohuozi TV and many others.


A large storage of documentaries, thanks to the Xiaomi cooperation with such sites as the V.ifeng, CCTV, Aiqiyi, Souhu and many other websites.

Your gaming device and an entertainment center

40-inch Mi TV 2 is equipped with a powerful 4-core Cortex-A9 processor and a graphics processor Mali-450. It also has a built-in TV Store App and is an entertainment center, so you can play games together with friends and family, listen to music, do sports, study and even play the market with the help of our Mi TV 2.

Large screen — large games area

The most popular video games are available, spend your leisure time having fun with your family. You can also use gaming joystick to fully experience the game and to even more enjoy the gameplay.

Games with a joystick

Incredible games with a joystick, whether visual effects of “Riptide 2”, a fabulous online fight “3D struggle for dominance” or excellent game of the FC era “Battle City 2014” — all this is now possible with Mi TV.

Leisure, logic games

In addition to the vivid games with a joystick, you can also play with the Mi TV remote controller in “Hearts”, “Angry Birds”, “Spot the Difference” and many other classic casual games, that will help you to relax.

Fishing Joy 

Plants VS Zombies 

Immortal Racer 

Exclusive home application store

Tales for children, listening to music, yoga classes, exercises for weight loss... The Mi TV 2 has a special App Store, in which you can find a lot of different useful programs. Each family member can find there something interesting and useful.

Music and Movies

Music and movies for every taste

Health & Fitness

A living room as a gym, useful tips

Education / Learning

Grammar lessons for kids, the online class for the whole family

Practical advices

A smart assistant in the kitchen

Library / News

Browse news on the big screen, no harm to your eyes


The home karaoke anytime

MIUI TV, the excellent smart system

More than 150 million positive reviews from users about the mobile version of the MIUI smart system. So we specifically created a smart system MIUI TV that is very convenient and easy to use.

High speed of loading

Mi TV has an ultra low electricity consumption level in standby mode, but only one touch to the sensor is enough to turn on the TV again.

Channels preview

Cool way to watch TV

The display system MIUI Mi TV 2 has a lot of innovations, such as: a TV wall, the favorite channels feature and others. Open the panoramic view of all the channels and their programs in just one click.

TV Listings

When watching the TV you can press the “Enter” on the remote controller, the 24 hour channel program will appear on the screen immediately. Moreover, you can also set yourself a reminder in order not to miss your favorite program.

View images from your phone, Pad and laptop

Wireless projection to the TV

With the help of the phone, Pad and laptop screen projection onto the Mi TV display, you can play games or watch videos online.

Download the mobile app

Use your smartphone to remotely control the TV, movies of your choice, TV software installation, take a picture on your phone and show it on the TV screen, and other very handy functions.

4K Full HD Cosmopolitan

Mi TV cooperation with Cosmopolitan, Visual China, Sonde Nast, Hearst, Artron culture, Chinese National Geographic and with many other domestic and foreign media, the free providing of Cosmopolitan magazine viewing with HD resolution on the Mi TV, watching the news, landscapes, houses, clothes, jewelry, stars, food and more. Know your inner desires and go on the road and explore the world through the window screen Mi TV.

Pair with Yі camera and Mi router

More exciting gameplay, continuous admiration

Yі camera

PIP window

Thanks to the PIP window you can enjoy wonderful TV programs and check how your child is sleeping at the same time, no more worries...

The full screen window

Monitor and inspect the situation in your house with the help of Yі camera in real time.

Mi router

Viewing router content

Mi TV 2 perfectly combines with Mi router, so, with the help of the TV, you can check your movies downloading level, and view the backup photos from your phone.

Router update

Check for your operating system available updates.

A monthly update, the continuous search of new games and entertainment

Operating system MIUI Mi TV2 updates every 2 months. Each month there are new features and new experiences. Safer individual 2×2 dual system, even if the update process breaks it may continue its further work in normal mode.

Big cinema at your home

New features for watching movies

The support of latest decoding technologies H.265 10bit, Dolby, DTS and also a rich interface. You will get a lot of pleasure from watching downloaded movies as well as watching videos online.

Support of the advanced decoding technology H.265 10bit, support of basic standards

HEVC / H.265 (High Efficiency Video Coding technology) has gradually become the main video files encoding standard which has twice higher compression ratio with equal subjective image quality while saving bandwidth by 50%. Playing HD movies even in low-speed network. Simultaneous support of N.265/H.264/H.263/MPEG4/REAL/AVS and other decoding technologies. Supports major video formats RM, FLV, MOV, AVI, MKV, TS, MP4.

H.265 encoding

Generation H.264 encoding

Audio decoding Dolby/DTS

40-inch Mi TV 2 is equipped with built-in Dolby sound technology, thanks to which the sound becomes more surround and powerful. The sound fully corresponds to the high quality image.

10 times faster USB 3.0

Fast playback of local files

USB 3.0 transfer rate can reach 5Gbps, which is 10 times faster than the rate of USB 2.0. Powerful decoding characterisics of Mi TV 2 allow you to freely watch your favorite movies.

Dual range 2.4/5 GHz

Unimpeded Wifi connection

Support of dual-band network technology MIMO, free and unimpeded online movies watching.

Bluetooth 4.0 support

Connect your speakers, joystick and other devices

Independent Bluetooth 4.0 module, simultaneous connection of 15 devices support. You can use a Bluetooth headset while watching a football match late at night, and will no longer have to worry that you will disturb your loved ones.

Rich interface

To meet the different needs of the user

Integrated design

For the design of the 40-inch Mi TV 2 there was used the integration project and the injection molding technology. The perfect fusion of the TV screen and its outer frame.

Thin glossy frame

For the TV frame there was used the injection molding technology at a temperature of 160°C and as a result we have got a solid and seamless frame for our TV. Elegant smooth boundaries and corners of the frame are pleasant to the touch and have a spectacular appearance.

Unique control panel

An extraordinary design of the panel, easy to operate even in the dark. You need just one click to “wake up” your TV.

Laconic design of aluminum bracket

Stable triangular brackets, strong and graceful at the same time, favorably complement the look of Mi TV 2.

11 buttons of the remote controller

A minimalism is in all Mi devices, so the remote controller did not become an exception. The convenient location of buttons, even in the dark you can easily control your TV.

Size 40"
Display Sharp SDP X-GEN
Resolution 1920 x 1080 Full HD
3D Not supported
Backlit Radiant side LED
Intelligent Backlight -
Viewing Angle 176°
Dynamic Response 6ms
Static Contrast Ratio 5000:1
CPU MStar 6A908 Cortex-A9 quad-core 1.45GHz
GPU Mali-450 MP4 4+2-core
RAM 1.5GB dual-channel DDR3
ROM 8GB eMMC 4.5 Flash
WiFi 2.4 / 5GHz dual frequency  802.11a / b / g / n
WiFi Antenna 2X2 Dual antennas
Bluetooth 4.0
Bluetooth Antenna Independent Bluetooth antenna, which can connect up to 15 devices
Supports bluetooth remote control, mouse, keyboard, headset, audio, and other  wireless devices
HDMI 3 x HDM1.4
AV 1
Analog TV DTMB 1
USB 1 x USB 2.0
1 x USB 3.0
SD Card Slot -
Ethernet 1
Audio Output 1
Supports Line out, S / PDIF
Internal player Built in Mi-Player
Supports RM, FLV, MOV, AVI, MKV, TS, MP4, and all other mainstream  formats
H.265 / H.264
Hardware Decoding
H.265 1080P@60fps
H.264 1080P@60fps
Other Decoding VP8 1080P @ 30 fps, REAL7 / 8/9 1080P @ 30 fps, MJPEG 1080P @ 30 fps
Audio Decording DOLBY, DTS audio decoding
Dolby Sound System Latest Dolby sound system
- Virtual Surround
- Bass Boost
- Dialogue enhancement
TV Speakers L / R 2 dual-channel stereo, 2.25-inch full-range speakers
Acoustic waveguide technology to improve the sound directivity to achieve wide coverage
Line Voltage 100 ~ 240V 
Power Consumption 65W
Sleep Power Consumption ≤0.5W
Energy Efficiency Grade 3
Wall Hanging -
Weight 9.79kg - without stand
9.87kg - with stand

1 x Body
2 x Stand
1 x Accessories box:

  • 1 x Infrared remote controller
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 5 x Screw
  • 1 x Antenna isolation device adapter
  • 1 x Antenna isolator

1 x Installation notes



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