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Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 2

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Only the best filter materials can purify the water qualitatively. We chose the best worldwide suppliers of raw material for our filters.

With its compact shape and sophisticated design the Mi Water Purifier 2 can be placed in any place convenient for your use. You will save a lot of space by setting the water purifier under the sink or in the kitchen cupboard. You will be able to install a separate tap for clean water without overloading the general kitchen design.

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Full Description

Saving space

With its compact shape and sophisticated design the Mi Water Purifier 2 can be placed in any place convenient for your use. You will save a lot of space by setting the water purifier under the sink or in the kitchen cupboard. You will be able to install a separate tap for clean water without overloading the general kitchen design.

400 gallons without stagnation, avoids recontamination

By improving the reverse osmosis membrane the flow rate increases, as a result the volume of clean water may reach up to 400 gallons. The new Mi Water Purifier 2 is much faster than the previous version. And thanks to the separate storage tank the water does not stagnate. This eliminates the risk of its recontamination, and you always get a crystal-clear water.

Through the use of reverse osmosis filtration technology Mi Water Purifier 2 allows you to drink clean water, which is purified with an accuracy of 0,0001 μm.

Four high-precision filters for deep cleaning

The filter system of four layers for water purification will help you to remove rust, heavy metals, bacteria and unpleasant odors. Each drop of water becomes perfectly clean and fresh thanks to 4 filters:

  1. PP cotton — removal of coarse particles, sediment and rust.
  2. Granular activated carbon — removal of odors and chlorine.
  3. Reverse osmosis system — removal of heavy metals, antibiotics, nitrites, bacteria, etc.
  4. Granular activated carbon — further improvement of water taste.

Drinking pure water is better and healthier:

Intelligent water purification technologies

Water purification is faster by 40%

In order to quickly purify the polluted water from harmful bacteria and various wastes, the Mi Water Purifier 2 uses a water lifting method. This technology automatically adjusts the amount of water and, accordingly, its quality. The purifier automatically switches to the pressurization mode and the cleaning rate reaches 1.4 l / min, which is almost 40 % higher than the result of the previous Mi Water Purifier version. In other words, you only need a few seconds to fill a glass of water.

Stainless steel tap, safety and health

We have used the 304 stainless steel to create the tap of the purifier. Thanks to the precise casting process we have managed to make the inner surface of the tap perfectly smooth and clean, in accordance with the national standard.

Real time smart control

The Mi Water Purifier 2 is a smart style device; you can connect it to your phone via WiFi using the “Smart Home” APP. You will be able to view the information about water quality, the level of water treatment from heavy particles, as well as to track the changes in values before and after purification.

Fast and easy filter replacement

The simplicity of the purifier system assembly makes it easy and quick to change the filter without any special tools.

More free space

Mi Water Purifier 2 allows you to save space, because its dimensions (length and width) are equal to the classic sheet of A4 paper. Without the huge water tank you will save up to 60 % more space in comparison with the previous version.

1. Filter cartridge with PP cotton

Eliminates the precipitate, turbidity, rust, etc.

As soon as the tap water enters the purifier, it passes through the nontoxic PP cotton filter cartridge which has no odor. Thus begins the primary water treatment. The first level of filtration, which has an accuracy of up to 5 microns, can remove the pipeline sediments, rust and other large impurities.

Filtering accuracy up to 5 microns. “From the outer sides to the inner” technology

In order to extend the service life, the Mi Water Purifier 2 PP cotton filter cartridge is soft on the outside and smooth inside. The filler is spent gradually — starting from the outside and to the inside layer by layer. This not only increases the efficiency of the filter cartridge, but also prevents the secondary pollution of water.

First level of filtration removes large particles accurate to 5 microns

2. Pre-filter cartridge with particles of coconut shell and activated carbon

Absorption of odor, color, chlorine etc.

After large particles removing the activated carbon begins to deduce chemical substances from the water. At its outer side the filter unit composed of coconut shell particles has a plurality of small holes, which remove specific adsorbed odors, color and residual chlorine from the water. Elements of organic substances are also removed thanks to the coconut shell.

Selected carbon from the Philippines, Sri Lanka and other first-class deposits. The surface area of the adsorbent is comparable to the area of 21 football fields! In order to enhance the activity of the carbon particles in the filter, we used a non-toxic, harmless pickling technology. Thanks to this the filter cartridge service life is increased, and the adsorption efficiency is enhanced.

3. Reverse Osmosis Filter (RO)

First-class filter materials DOW / GE from the USA

And the third key factor is the quality of the reverse osmosis filtration. The filtration depends on the quality of the membrane filter and the filter cartridge technology. We have chosen the world’s leading supplier of filters for the production of Mi Water Purifier 2 — The DOW Chemical Company US, and also the reverse osmosis membranes from GE. The cleaning volume (desalination efficiency) reaches 95 %, which significantly exceeds the industry standard.

* Note: Examples of statistics are presented according to the records of the Chinese home appliances testing.

To enhance the cleaning rate, increase the speed of pure water production, we have optimized the traditional reverse osmosis technology and using multiple membranes created one filter cartridge. In addition, we have increased the membranes area 4 times. As a result of these improvements the purification rate increased 8 times.

Effectively filters out the heavy metals, bacteria, organic substances, etc.

8 times faster filtration

Multiple membrane technology, filtration of 1500 liters of water

Most water purifiers with reverse osmosis technology are equipped with 180–200 liters flow filters, which are capable of filtering water at a rate of 0.1 l / min., but it is rather slow. In order to effectively resolve this issue it was necessary to increase the membranes area. Therefore, we have optimized the technology and replaced the traditional single membrane filter with a multimembrane one.

* Note: the filtration rate will depend on the temperature of the water, its quality and pressure.

4. Post-filter cartridge with coconut shell and activated carbon particles

Improving the taste of water

In the post-filter cartridge there are used the same 2 levels of filler with coconut shell particles, as in the second one. At this stage the water is purifying from specific odors, its taste is improving.

The world’s leading suppliers of raw materials for filters

Only the best filter materials can purify the water qualitatively. We chose the best worldwide suppliers of raw material for our filters.

The water quality reaches the standards of distilled bottled water

Do not underestimate the importance of drinking water quality and its impact on our health. In order to have the reliable information on water quality, according to the requirements of the “bottled drinking water quality standard”, “household water quality standard” and others, we have invited the authoritative organization, which checks more than 400 different indicators of water quality. Findings of this study show that some quality parameters of water, filtered using the Mi Water Purifier 2, even exceed the values specified in the national standard.

Each family should have the Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 2

We all know that we should not drink the water directly from the tap. Can we drink the tap water after boiling? Scientific studies tell us that even if we boil the water, all harmful heavy metals, rust, sediment, temperature resistant bacteria, residual chlorine and agrochemical preparations are not removed from it. Moreover, if you do not drink all the purified water in a bottle, and forget about it for a long time, soon there may also appear bacteria. Fresh drinking water is the way to good health, so each family should use the Mi Water Purifier 2.


Manufacturer Xiaomi
Type System for filtering water
Model Mi Water Purifier 2
Weight 11.8kg
Rated total net amount of water 1200L
Water flow 1.0L / min
Apply pressure 0.1-0.4MPa
Water temperature 5-38
Rated voltage 220V
Rated power 96W
Rated frequency 5
Amount of filters 4
Filter filled with wool Clears larger particles, rust, algae, sand, etc.
The filter of activated carbon granules Clears from chlorine, various additives, destroys odors and other chemicals.
Filter Biological Protection Clears water from antibiotics, bacteria, heavy metals, microorganisms.
Filters from carbon granules Final purification of water from the remaining fine particles.
Efficiency 100 %
Managing your smartphone With the application, the tools included in the firmware MIUI.
An apparatus for monitoring water quality Mi TDS Pen (not included, sold separately)

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