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Mi Home (Mijia) Outdoor Power Supply 1000 Pro

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Mi Home (Mijia) Outdoor Power Supply 1000 Pro is a portable power source designed to charge multiple devices simultaneously and power household appliances. The model has received a solid-liquid hybrid lithium battery with a 1,022 Wh (280,000 mAh) large capacity.

There are 21 built-in temperature sensors to provide safety for charging gadgets. The device has many connectors and can provide simultaneous charging for up to 13 devices. The nominal output power of the device is 1.6 kW, peak power is up to 2.4 kW.

The charging of the device can be provided with the mains, solar panels or car cigarette lighter. The 80% charging by mains can be provided in 50 minutes. The full charge can be achieved in an hour and a half.

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Full Description

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Type :

Outdoor Power Supply

Brand :

Mi Home (Mijia)

Model :

1000 Pro (P06ZM)

Product weight :

about 14.1kg

Battery power :

1022Wh, 36.5V

Battery type :

New hybrid solid-liquid lithium-ion battery

AC total output (x4) :

1800W MAX 220V 50Hz

Car charger output (x1) :

13.6V-10A 136W MAX

USB total output :

210W MAX

USB-A output (x2) :

5V-2.4A 12W MAX

Charging and discharging (fast charging mode) :


Charging and discharging (light mode) :


Solar DC input :

11.2V~48V 200W

Battery operating temperature:

-14℃ ~ 55℃

Storage temperature :

-15℃ ~ 40℃ (20℃ ~ 30℃)

Size :

315 x 220 x 290mm

Total DC output:

136W MAX

Total output power: 

1800W MAX

DC output (x2):

13.6V 5A 68W MAX

USB-A fast charge output (×2):

5V3A, 9V2.5A, 12V1.87A 22.5W MAX

USB-C output (×2):

5V3A, 9V3A, 12V3A, 15V3A, 20V5A 100W

Сharging and discharging (slow charging mode) :


AC input voltage :

200V~240V 50Hz /60Hz

Working temperature :

20℃ ~ 30℃

Battery charging operating temperature :

-3℃ ~ 50℃

AC input power :

Fast charge mode: 1200W

Slow charge mode: 600W

Light tone mode: 220W




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