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Aqara Smart Light Wall Switch ZigBee Version (Double Key)

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Code 2828200

Smart Light Wall Switch ZigBee Version wireless light switch working on ZigBee protocol.

Possible scenarios for using the device:

  • Light control. Press the key once to turn the light off / on

(Used Wireless Switch + Smart Wall ZigBee Switch)

  • If the person enters the room — the light turns on, goes out — turns off

(Used Mi motion sensor + Smart Wall ZigBee Switch)

  • The light automatically turns on when you open the entrance doors

(Used Mi sensor for windows/doors + Smart Wall ZigBee Switch)

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Full Description

Have you ever wondered how many times you need to turn the lights on and off during the day? How convenient would it be if one or more light sources were turned on by pressing a single button? The Aqara Wall Switch with the ZigBee protocol is an advanced model of a typical wall switch.

Aqara Smart Light Wall Switch The ZigBee Version allows you to control one lamp from different parts of the room. Moreover, the connection of the second switch is quite simple because you won’t need new wires. Control the light from different places without additional wiring.

* Use the wireless switch and Aqara Smart Wall Light Switch ZigBee Version

Wake up with the light

Early in the morning when you wake up to go to the work, you can create your own scenario of “soft” light switching. Now you do not need to go in the dark in search of a proper switch. Just connect the switch to the motion sensor and forget about this problem.

Turn off the light even when you are far away

The rhythm of our life is really fast, we always hurry up. That’s why it is a widespread problem when you can’t remember if you turned the light off or not. But this problem can be solved! Using the Mi Home application, you can turn off the light even when you are far away from home.

Just come in and the light will turn on

Set up the switch and the house will welcome you by turning on the light. By connecting the switch to the door/wind sensor, each time you enter the house, the light will turn on automatically.

Turn off the light without getting out of bed

Now before going to sleep, you do not need to get out of a comfortable bed to turn off and check the light in the whole house. Mount the switch next to your bed and in one click you can turn off the light in the entire house.

* This function works when you connected the remote switch to the Aqara Smart Wall Light Switch

Easy to mount

On the first look, it may seem that the installation of such a smart system requires complex settings and replacement of your entire lighting system. But it is not true. There is no need to change all the lamps.

High-quality and safe switch, it can control lamps from 3 W to 1500W and is equipped with a microcircuit of a temperature detector with a fuse of 5A. Automatically turns off in the load of more than 1500 watts. The panel can be switched up to 50,000 times.

More sensors, more functionality

The more sensors working on the ZigBee protocol you connect to the switch, the more features and functions you will get.

Set up in 3 steps

1. Replace the standard switch to the Aqara Smart Light Switch ZigBee Version

2. Connect the Smart Light Wall Switch ZigBee Version to the multifunction gateway

3. Create a variety of scenarios using the application on your smartphone.


Manufacturer Aquara
Model Smart Light Wall Switch ZigBee Version (Double Key)
Type Light Switch
Dimensions 86*86*15.12mm
Operating humidity: 5%-95%RH (non-condensing)
Operating temperature: -5℃-+60℃
Load range: ≤800W / circuit, 3W energy saving lamp / 5W LED lamp / 16W fluorescent lamp at minimum
Wireless type: ZigBee
Input voltage: 220V~, 50Hz for single live line
Color White
Package 1 x Aqara Smart Light Wall Switch ZigBee Version
User manual PDF -

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