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ZenMeasure Wireless Temperature Logger

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Code 2828081

ZenMeasure Wireless Temperature Tag is a portable temperature sensor that is convenient and very practical. It allows to control the data wirelessly and download the measurements into the document on PC. ​

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Full Description

Many entrepreneurs who work in a restaurant business or have their own food shops have faced the problem of proper transportation and storage of the goods. It is important to find a proper temperature sensor to control the temperature in transport and in the warehouse.

ZenMeasure Wireless Temperature Tag is a portable temperature sensor that is convenient and very practical. The IP65 protection standard will keep it safe from water jets.

Read temperature rate wirelessly

Many drivers have a problem when they transport a special cargo and have to stop the car from time to time and control the temperature of goods. This is a necessity if cargo like medicine is transported. But now the drivers do not have stop very often to check the temperature rate. It can be done wirelessly, with a help of a smartphone, Bluetooth and ZenMeasure Temperature Tag.

Easily connect to your smartphone

To make the wireless control this temperature sensor needs to be synched with your smartphone. It doesn’t matter which operating system you have, ZenMeasure Wireless Temperature Tag works fast as with Android and iOS using Bluetooth.

To see the data you should download the special ZenMeasure IoT App. After that scan the QR code on the device and you get the access to wireless temperature control. For more efficient control set up a safe level of temperature and when the temperature becomes under or over the permissible level you will see the red light indicator in the App.

Monitor the temperature rate every 5 minutes

You can easily find out the moment overheating occurred and will be able to find a proper solution. Setup the notification intervals and get temperature rate alerts every 5 minutes (the manufacturer says that later you will be able to choose from 1 to 10 minutes).

Analyze the data

Not only can you analyze the data in real time but also you can download the document file on your PC where you can find the scale of the temperature changes. Download the document as csv. file and work with it in Excel.

Manufacturer  Miaomiaoce
Model ZenMeasure Wireless Temperature Logger
Temperature range -20℃ to +65℃
Sensor accuracy ±0.2℃(+20℃~+50℃); ±0.5℃(-20℃~+20℃、+50℃~+65℃)
Waterproof IP67
Compatibility Android 4.3 and higher, iOS 9.2 and higher
Size 31.8mm x 7.8mm
Weight 15g
Color White
Battery CR2025 Button Battery

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