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Xiaomi HuoHou Luxury Gift Set Black HU0090

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Code 2831799

An exclusive wine set from the brand HuoHou Luxury Gift Set consists of an electric corkscrew, wine stopper and aerator.

In total, it takes about 6 seconds for a corkscrew to open a wine bottle, even if it has a very strong cork. And all thanks to the use of a powerful electric motor in the design of the corkscrew, gear wheels made of bronze alloy and a high speed of rotation of the corkscrew spindle of 70 ± 10 rpm.

And it is very easy to operate the HU0090 electric screwdriver. Align the bottle so that it stands vertically on a solid, level surface, install the corkscrew by pressing it firmly against the 20-24 mm diameter cork and press the corresponding button on the corkscrew.

The 550 mAh battery is enough to open about 70 bottles of wine.

After opening the wine, it is important to keep the drink fresh. And the stopper HU0075 will help you with this, using a vacuum of -0.024 MPa in order to isolate the wine from contact with air for seven days.

And so you don’t forget when you opened the wine, there is a scale on the stopper HU0075 for setting the corresponding date.

Agree, many people wanted to learn how to pour wine as they do in elite restaurants. Do it with the supplied HuoHou aerator, which perfectly adapts to different bottle necks.

Passing through the aerator, the wine comes into contact with oxygen, while the tannins contained in the wine are quickly oxidized and after a few seconds you can feel the unsurpassed aroma of this drink.

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Full Description

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Type: Electric Corkscrew
Material: Stainless steel
Battery capacity: 550mAh lithium battery
Service life: More than 600 bottles
Charging interface: USB
Tube diameter: 20-24 mm
Bottle neck outer diameter: Not more than 33 mm
Bottle opening speed: 6 seconds
Rotation speed: 70 ± 10 rpm (no load)
Noise: Less than 60 decibels
Size: Ø48 x 220 mm
Weight: 365 g
Type: Wine Stopper
Model: YST01
Material: Stainless steel, food grade silicone
Size: Ø46 х 68 mm
Weight: 85 g
Type: Aerator
Material: Stainless steel
Size: Ø24.5 х 126 мм
Weight: 47 g

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