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Yeelight Bedside Lamp

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Code 2810751

Nope ! It's a totally new product which is colourful, i am sure you willl like it !

This bed room light comes with 16 Millions colours where you can adjust the brightness according to your preference.

Gestures such as clockwise, anticlockwise has their own function and waiting for you to explore

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Full Description

Every evening, goodnight wishes to you and to your friends.

Yeelight lamp for bedroom, living room or office
16 million of different colors (pink, bright red, begonia, red, dark - red, burgundy, carmine, azure, turquoise, blue, ultramarine, dark blue, indigo - ultramarine, navy blue, sky blue, greenish-yellow, pale green, onion-green, dark green with a bright olive, green, dark green, bright green, pale green, emerald green, bright yellow, pale yellow, orange-yellow, pale yellow, turmeric, apricot, orange, dark yellow).

Facility to set warm and cool shades for lamp

Wake up and go to sleep with the most comfortable light

1700К   1850К 2800К 3400К 5000К 6500К

Burning match light

Candlelight Incandescent

TV studio lighting

Daylight   Fluorescent lighting

Remote control from a mobile via Bluetooth, unique room lighting

Color change lighting
Color temperature regulation
Light setting off timer
Brightness control
Light setting on timer
Alternation of four colors

Manufacturer Xiaomi
Type Yeelight bedside lamp
Device control using Bluetooth and touchpad
Sleep timer +
Amount of colors 16 million


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