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Yeelight LED Bright Moon Smart Ceiling Light 480

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Code 2828386
Full Description

Unique development

Eccentric disk design

The Yeelight LED Ceiling Light has a rather eccentric design. The disc shape of the lamp allows fitting into any interior. The ceiling lamp Yeelight is designed to provide the most natural lighting, which you can also customize according to your personal preference.

The world of ideal lighting

Qualitative lighting in your home

The using of Lumileds/OSRAM LEDs with a high color rendering index (Ra 95) in the ceiling lamp design will provide bright, saturated illumination without distortion of colors. Presented (in the figure below) modifications of the ceiling lamp are designed to illuminate rooms that have the different area.

You can choose the most optimal version of the lamp. Yeelight LED Ceiling Light 450/480 with a lighting power of 32 W — designed for effective illumination of a room or living area up to 20 m², a ceiling lamp with the size 650×147 mm and a power of 50 watts can provide high-quality lighting for a bedroom or other rooms larger than 25 m².

Create the space of your dream

Impressive lighting spectrum

Many ceiling lights at the market illuminate the ceiling, walls, and floor in such a way that the light is distributed unevenly in the room. The Yeelight ceiling lamp with the Ra 95 color rendering index, supports 16 million colors. The brightness is from 2200 to 3500 lumens (depending on the modification) and a color temperature adjustment within 2700K-6000K will allow you to set the most uniform lighting, creating a “fantastic” space of your dreams.

Lights up every corner

Large LED surface

The new design of the lampshade with a large LED surface allows the light to “penetrate” in every corner of the room, and the absence of glare and soft uniform lighting will take care of your eyesight.

Soft moonlight

Perfect lighting for sleep

Fall asleep under the moonlight is very easy. Adjusting the brightness to 0.1 Lumen will allow you to “turn” the lamp into the moon, which will create the most comfortable conditions to fall asleep quite quickly. In the same way, you can adjust the brightness to watch movies or move comfortably in the room.

Museum lighting

Lumileds / OSRAM LEDs

Using a set of LEDs Lumileds / OSRAM with the color rendering index Ra 95 allowed to create a lamp with the quality of lighting similar to the museum one.

Configuring Lighting Scenarios

Color Temperature Adjustment

The lamp looks really interesting. You can set the schedule for switching the temperature modes, which would coincide with the light rhythm of the day. The color temperature is freely adjustable within 2700K-6000K. Warm tint below 3200K — will provide a sense of calm, tranquility, neutral light 3300K-5300K — gives a pleasant, serene feeling, the 5300K — designed for bright, active events and celebrations.

IP 50 dustproof construction

Say goodbye to dust and flying insects

A high degree of protection conforming to the IP50 standard, in conjunction with a tight, carefully designed design, will avoid the accumulation of dust and the ingress of insects into the ceiling lamp.

Simple installation in one click

Mounting and dismantling of the luminaire

Thanks to the innovative design of the connector, you can quickly install or remove the ceiling lamp in one click. Do not worry anymore about installation and disassemble, because the process of installing/dismounting the lamp has become so simple.

Smart devices are easy to connect with each other

Different methods of control

After synchronizing the lamp with the smartphone through a special application, you can make lighting settings, connect a smart Xiaomi AI speaker system, and also configure voice control.

Like the starry sky

Move towards the bright stars

As a result of the blow molding process PMMA, the surface of the lamp turned out to be semi-transparent and very smooth. The lampshade became bright as a crystal, and the light passing through it creates a starry sky effect (provided only in the Yeelight Bright Moon LED Stars lamp).

Manufacturer Yeelight
Product type Ceiling lamp
Model YLXD04YL
Luminous flux 0.1—2000Lm ±10%
Wavelength / CCT 2700K—6000K
Color rendering 95Ra
Other features IP50 protection
Material ABS
Shape Round
Dimensions 480×80mm
Weight 1.75kg
Suggested room size Up to 20sq.m
Wattage (W) 32W
Voltage (V) 220V, ~50/60Hz
Bluetooth remote control Yes
APP remote control Android 4.4 and higher, iOS 8 and higher
Package 1 x Yeelight LED Smart Ceiling Light 480
User manual PDF -


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