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Smartphone 21KE F1 White

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Code 2828796

Granny friendly phones

A smartphone designed specifically for the elderly

As we all know, to old age, all people are impaired by sight and hearing.

That’s why to smooth out the possible discomfort when using older smartphones by older people, 21KE has developed specialized smartphones for the elderly. One of them is the F1 model.

They are easy to understand, and they just work

Bright screen, reinforced speaker and enlarged buttons

The display smartphone has a diagonal of 2.31 inches, the characters on it are large and can be clearly seen.

The amplified speakers allow not only to hear the call but also clearly understand the interlocutor’s speech.

And the enlarged buttons, in turn, make it possible to simply and confidently dial the desired number.

Emergency button and special CareOS F Edition

Thanks to specially developed software, the smartphone operating system was simplified as much as possible and adapted according to the principle “everything you need, nothing superfluous”.

Therefore, it will be as simple as possible to master it.

In addition, the device supports such useful technologies as “emergency button”, “hot numbers” and the similar.

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Full Description

Brand 21KE
Model F1 (MC001F)
Card type Single card
Processor 1-core Mediatek Single core
CPU frequency 266
Diagonal of screen 2.31 inches
Dimensions 123.8×57.6×13 mm
Screen resolution 240×320 pixels
Screen Matrix TFT
Input Keyboard
Storage card Support SD card (Maximum storage expansion capacity 32GB)
Battery capacity 2550 mAh
Speaker power 1.2 W
Emergency call function Yes
Function “fast number” Yes
Charging interface type Micro USB
Headphone interface type 3.5mm
Weight 109 g
Package Mobile phone x 1
Battery x 1
Power adapter x 1
USB2.0 data cable x 1
Manual x 1
Color White

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