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Vima Smart Lock Cylinder

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Door locks are closely related to the people’s lives. Each home door is equipped with door locks to ensure the safety of people and property. However, is the use of door locks really safe? The reason why the door lock is easily opened by criminals is the security of the door lock cylinder. The lock core is the soul of the lock. The security of the lock core is an important feature of the overall security of the lock. Vima Smart Door Lock is the perfect combination of intelligence and security.

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Full Description

Door locks are closely related to the people’s lives. Each home door is equipped with door locks to ensure the safety of people and property. However, is the use of door locks really safe?

The reason why the door lock is easily opened by criminals is the security of the door lock cylinder. The lock core is the soul of the lock. The security of the lock core is an important feature of the overall security of the lock. Vima Smart Door Lock is the perfect combination of intelligence and security.

The key with the embed encryption chip

Key with a chip

The digital encryption chip is implanted in each key with only one code, which cannot be rewritten that prevents it from being stolen, thereby ensuring the uniqueness and security.

Key management

Registrable key

Using the digital identification of the internal digital chip of the key and the storage technology of the lock cylinder microprocessor, the key can be quickly added or deleted through the control key, thereby solving the trouble of replacing the lock core due to the loss of the key.

Alerts and reminders

Warning notification

For any illegal opening, including non-registered keys, special tools, beep alarms are triggered automatically. If you open or close the door and forget to remove the key, the lock cylinder will also beep after 7 seconds to remind you to remove the key and avoid losing it.



Smart Door Lock


Vima A6121




Copper, stainless steel, plastic

Working temperature

-25 ° C ~ + 55 °C

Working humidity

5% ~ 93% RH

Wireless connection


Amount of keys





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