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Mi Home (Mijia) Induction Heating Rice Cooker 2 3L White

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Cooking is not simply combining the right ingredients together. Cooking is actually like painting a picture: just as you can use many colors in the painting so you can add many flavors to a dish. And like every artist you want to turn your dish into a perfect artwork. MiJia Rice Cooker 2 can assist in that.

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Full Description

Xiaomi MiJia Induction Heating Rice Cooker 2

Dishes always come out like the ones in the cookery book

Cooking is not simply combining the right ingredients together. Cooking is actually like painting a picture: just as you can use many colors in the painting so you can add many flavors to a dish. And like every artist you want to turn your dish into a perfect artwork. MiJia Rice Cooker 2 can assist in that.

And it is not just a one-hit wonder. This device is an amazing tool for making all kinds of dishes and is not only meant for rice. It can also make soups, pies, curry, eggs and much more. Watch how the dish from your cookery book becomes as appealing visually and as tasty as the recipe says.

An innovative IH electromagnetic heating technology keeps an eye on the temperature and disperses the heat all over the vessel to cook the dish evenly and bring out all of its fragrances and flavors. The smart app allows to get accurate information on everything going on inside, to receive notifications, e.g. to season the dish or to add the other portion of ingredients.

So many functions, so many ways to cook rice

There are more than 40,000 kinds of rice! However, the variety of the ones we come across at our supermarkets is usually limited to 10–15. You probably already have seen black rice, brown rice, jasmine and basmati, parboiled rice, the one you use particularly for sushi, wild rice to name the few. The difference between all of them has to do mainly with size and shape, the amount of time they need to be processed and the amount of starch they contain.

Each type of rice requires a pretty much different technique of cooking to unleash its true aromas and taste. MiJia Rice Cooker 2 contains beyond 3000 recipes and suggestions on how to cook the rice type you have at home right now. Still not sure what kind of rice you bought? Scan the bar code at the back of the rice package using the app and you will be revealed all the secrets to cooking a perfect rice, e.g. do you have to soak the rice in the water before cooking, water to rice ratio in the cooking pot, cooking time etc.

Automatic cooking programs remove the need to manage the rice cooker

Add water and rice into the pot, select a desirable cooking program and leave the kitchen to do work around the house or run errands. Automatic cooking programs allow to have the same texture of rice each and every time you cook it. Do you want the rice to be sticky or firm? Pick the corresponding program and enjoy the perfectly tasting porridge.

Rice cooking capacity that allows your friends and family to have a wonderful meal

MiJia Rice Cooker 2 is a 3L capacity rice cooking sensation. Depending on the type of rice and its ability to absorb the water you can load more than 10 cups of raw rice in the cooker. That is enough for everyone in a big family to get a bowl of deliciously steaming rice. And there will still be some left for the next time. Be sure, MiJia Rice Cooker 2 will save the warmth for you for about 24 hours.

Delay timer helps to make process of cooking rice for later easier

Pair MiJia Rice Cooker 2 with your smartphone or tablet and use the timer to postpone the start of cooking. Program the device to make the porridge before you wake up the next day or set time for the cooker to prepare rice for dinner just in time when you come home from work. The heat inside the container will remain for 24 hours after cooking is completed.

Surprising things that MiJia Rice Cooker 2 has or does:

Cook like a chef and let everybody know who your mentor is

Rich recipe and recommendation collection

Fall, winter, spring and summer? What do they have in common? Seasonal recipes that make each one so special and help you get through the year. Add more recipes to your cookbook from MiJia app. Hundreds of cooking tips and tricks to cover you every time you want to make something new or alter a traditional recipe.

Receive reports at all stages of the cooking cycle

MiJia Rice Cooker 2 is obviously a smart rice cooker. It knows for how long the meal should be cooked when to add salt and pepper and even if you missed to add any ingredients. Follow the instructions that the rice cooker gives through app-notifications and you will end up with a stunning dish that is worth being on the restaurant menu!

Join forums and communities of gourmands

Through the app, you can visit the interactive online platform to exchange culinary ideas, learn recipes from all over the world and share your cooking progress. Meet people who are as enthusiastic about cooking as you are, get professional and home-schooled chefs’ advice and find ways to improve your cooking skills.

Steel on the inside, silk on the outside

MiJia Rice Cooker 2 is one of the most beautiful combinations of white and high-tech in the design. Owing to its elaborate white chassis, the rice cooker is a true pearl in your kitchen. A sensor LED-panel provides swift and accurate information. Each time the rice cooker is done with cooking the dish you will hear a signal slightly reminding the one your alarm clock produces but you will still not mistake it for something else.

No scrubbing! Just rinse it

The rice cooker can be easily disassembled and washed. You just need to rinse the removable parts with water without using any harsh detergents. Because of its design and cooking algorithm, there is no spilling of the soup over the edges of the cooker, no sticking of the ingredients to the walls and thus less time maintaining the cooker and more time for yourself.

Manufacturer Xiaomi
Model MiJia Induction Heating Rice Cooker 2
Type Rice Cooker
Dimensions 300 × 251 × 200mm
Weight Netto 4.4kg
Gross 5.8kg
Material PC / ABS, alloy
Capacity 3.0L
Heating method Induction Heating
Rated power 1130w
Voltage / rated frequency 220V ~ 50Hz
Wireless Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b / g / n 2.4GHz
Color White
Package Rice Cooker x1
Rice spoon x1
Porridge spoon x1
Steamer x1
Measuring cup x1
Рower cable x1
User manual x1
User manual PDF


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