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Yeelight Smart Serene Desk Lamp Pro Gold YLTD04YL

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Code 2830691

Uniform light distribution and blocking of "blue" radiation

The Yeelight Smart Serene Desk Lamp Pro is a classic example of how MIOT ecosystem engineers take care of your vision.

The thing is that this table lamp is equipped with a special filter that cuts off (by about 99.9%) waves with a length of 420-450 nm, also called "blue radiation", which is considered "irritating" to the eyes.

Therefore, due to the use of this filter, the strain on the eyes when using the lamp is reduced.

In addition, the uniformity of light distribution is an important role in setting the "correct lighting".

Therefore, in this table lamp, within a radius of 30 cm from the center of incidence of light, the illumination is in the range of 300 Lux, which is quite good for your vision.

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Full Description

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Name: Table lamp Yeelight Smart Eye Protection Lamp Pro YLTD04YL
Brand: Yeelight
Model: YLTD04YL
Light temperature: 4000 К
Light range: Ra ≥ 95
Light flow: 650 lm (-10% / + 20%) @ 4000K
Brightness range: 100 lm - 650 lm
Rated power: 15 @
Weight: 2390 g

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